Newspaper article The Record (Bergen County, NJ)

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Newspaper article The Record (Bergen County, NJ)

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Trump wall would cost taxpayersRegarding "President hedges on idea of 20 percent border tax" (Page A-1, Jan. 27):

In the article, it is pointed out that it will cost upwards of $15 billion to initially build the wasteful and useless wall.

This will be paid first by the United States taxpayers, only to be repaid by a proposed 20 percent tax on all imports from Mexico.

This tax would be added to the cost of all items from Mexico -- from beer to clothing - that are sold in America. So, citizens of the United States would pay more to cover Trump's $15 billion wall.

This brings the total cost to American workers and citizens for the wall to $30 billion. The only way this useless wall gets built is on taxpayer dollars, and that will cause hardship for the average American.

James T. Gallione Sr.

Demarest, Jan. 27

Voter fraud probe is just a distraction

Regarding "Trump mulls order on voting probe" (Page A-6, Jan. 27):

Investigating voter fraud is a terrible waste of time and taxpayer money for something that has already been shown to be negligible.

Are some people registered to vote in two states because they have moved and failed to unregister in their former state? Yes. Are they voting in both states? In nearly all cases, no.

Are some people still registered to vote after they have passed away? Yes. Are people showing up to cast ballots in the name of the deceased? In nearly all cases, no. Why are the answers almost always no to these questions? Because it makes no sense for someone to risk going to jail just to cast one extra vote in a national election of more than 120 million voters.

Then why is this voter fraud hunt being undertaken? Because the president has nothing to lose by doing so.

When very little voter fraud is uncovered, he can say, "I'm glad we showed the people I was legitimately elected," which is very important to him because he lost the popular vote and because his ties to Russia (including its impact on the election) are being investigated.

Meanwhile, this unnecessary expense will serve to distract us from the damaging policies he is trying to enact.

Many movies call the bad guys "evil geniuses." Unfortunately, we are not in a movie, and unfair voter-ID laws, which disproportionately impact people of color, are real-life evil. …

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