Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD


Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD


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3112 - Joe Bill Dressler et al to Cont Fed S&L Assoc $37,400, L9 B11 Ridgecrest Country Club Addn.

3118 - James D Duncan et ux to Fleet Mtg Corp $35,240, L10 L11 B5 Pleasant View Addn.

3123 - Gary Blaine Edward Shaver et ux to Okla Mtg co Inc $85,000, pt L2 pt L3 B2 Broadview Acres Addn.

3130 - Vernon H Fehse et ux to The First Natl Bk of MWC $4,249, L12 B3 Ridgecrest Country Club 2nd Addn.

3131 - John J Stoneburner to Same, $2,856, L18 B40 Leonhardt's Oak Ridge Addn.

3132 - Frederick L Schimmels et ux to Weokie Cr Un $8,000, pt L13 L14 pt L15 B17 Packinghouse View Addn.

3133 - The First Natl Bk of MWC to Elgin D Springer et ux $33,613, pt SE4 Sec20 T11N R1W I.M.

3134 - Same to Lerence D Robison et ux $50,058, pt NW4 Sec18 T11N R1W I.M.

3135 - Ben W Hall et ux to The Union Natl Bk of Chandler $32,362, SW4 Sec18 T12N R3W I.M.

3136 - Malco Inc to First Fed S&L Assoc of Shawnee $110,000, L37 L38 L39 L40 B12 Belle Isle View Addn.

3139 - Gary Wimmer to Amer Eagle Builders $8,700, L18 B18 Rhapsody Hgts Addn Sec3.

3140 - Layton M Perry et ux to Rolling Hills St Bk $34,021, L3 B85 Sec28 Quail Creek Addn.

3141 - John D Sholly et ux to First Natl Bkof Yukon $7,651, pt L3 pt L2 North Side Addn.

3142 - Thomas C Wolf et ux to Bk of Okla Na $30,000, L14 B11 Burke Northridge Manor Addn.

3143 - Mary L Williams to The First Natl Bk & Tr Co $26,500, L12 B12 Camelot Est Addn.

3144 - John C Abbott et ux to Okla Mtg Co $57,401, L3 B11 MW Hgts Addn.

3145 - Doug A Schmitt et ux to Professional Solar Mgt Corp $10,500, L27 B1 Woodlake Addn.

3146 - John C Abbott et ux to Okla Mtg Co Inc $37,731, L30 B5 Bill Atkinson's Ranchets 2nd Addn.

3164 - John G Burk to Joseph P Nowlin $79,500, L24 B2 Smith's Highland Hills Addn.

3206 - Harry D Cramer et ux to Commonwealth Mtg Corp $64,563, L14 B3 Oakwood East Addn. …

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