Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Pleadings & Filings

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Pleadings & Filings

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PLEADINGS & FILINGS DIVORCE Received 1-13-86 JFD-72-4348 - Kendrix; appear bond.

JFD-79-7822 - Motes vs Konrath; affi.

FD-85-8875 - Driskill; ent of appear & waiver.

FD-85-8995 - Brunk; waiver & accept of serv of process.

JFD-85-8424 - In re Kirkes; voluntary relinquishment of parental rights.

FD-85-8952 - Eads-Cowen vs Cowan; ent of appear & waiver.

FD-85-202 - Uwzayaz; ent of appear & waiver.

FD-85-9292 - Davis; gen appear.

FD-85-8988 - Lowery; first amend pet.

JFD-85-8608 - Evans; disml w-o prej.

JFD-85-6060 - Davis; applic.

FD-85-9116 - Swanson; ans & cross-pet for div.

FD-85-9007 - Patterson; ent of appear.

FD-85-8800 - Glasgow; ent of appear & waiver.

FD-85-8521 - Bates; ent of appear, waiver of summons & consent to decree.

FD-85-8921 - Oblander; ent of appear.

JFD-85-6561 - Gray; pltfs ans to requests for adms & interrogs.

JFD-85-5053 - Peters; ent of appear & waiver.

FD-85-5217 - Lawson; pltfs response.

JFD-83-2114 - O'Bryant; appear bond.

FD-85-9209 - Casey vs Jawabreh; ent of appear & waiver.

FD-86-213 - Urban; affi for servs by pub, not by pub.

FD-85-4179 - Moore; ans & cross pet.

FD-85-8792 - Wilkins; amend pet for div.

FD-85-5954 - Lusk; disml.

FD-85-0118 - Redden; disml.

FD-85-5339 - Robnett; ent of appear, ans.

JFD-83-5016 - Klima vs Perry; applic.

FD-85-8611 - Winch; disml.

FD-85-3256 - Vossen; defts interrogs to pltf.

FD-85-7880 - Wade; defts ans to pltfs interrogs, pretrial stmt.

FD-85-8886 - Rupert; ent of appear.

FD-85-6023 - Riggs; pretrial stmt of pltf. …

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