Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD


Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD


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OKLAHOMA ACTIVITY Filed 1-13-86 CADDO COUNTY An-Son Corp. 1-1 Foster Farms, 1-12N-13W, sw ne (Hydro); Drlg 13,103.

CLEVELAND COUNTY Callon Petroleum 1-17 Potts, 17-8N-2W, w 1/2 sw sw (S Norman); Drlg 7618.

CUSTER COUNTY An-Son Corp. 1-13 Dippel, 13-12N-19W, e 1/2 sw sw (Stafford); Drlg 9318.

An-Son Corp. 1-15 Lois Marie, 15-12N-19W, ne sw sw (NW Foss); TD 13,900, set csg, perf, tstg.

GARVIN COUNTY Boswell Energy 1-22 Yeary, 22-1N-2W, ne sw sw (Eola-Robberson); Drlg 8821.

Sun Exploration & Production 1 W.C. Burnham, 15-3N-3W, se ne ne (Golden Trend); 7" at 10,176 w/100, WOCT

HASKELL COUNTY Choctaw Gas 1 Martin Heath, 18-7N-19E, s 1/2 ne ne (Quinton District); Drlg 2488.

Sun Exploration & Production 2 Federal Steele Unit, 20-8N-22E, TD 6255, logs prod. csg set, WOCT.

KAY COUNTY ARCO Oil & Gas 1 Makes Cry, 8-25N-1E, se sw nw (Tonkawa); TD 4230, 5 1/2" at 4213, woc

LATIMER COUNTY ARCO Oil & Gas 2 R.F. McAlister, 22-5N-18E, c sw (Wilburton); d/Grace-Miller # 117, Spud 12-28-85, Drlg 1580.

ARCO Oil & Gas 2 Jessie Bennett, 30-5N-18E, nw se nw (Wilburton); c/Unit # 29, Spud 1-1-86, Drlg 1770.

Sun Exploration & Production 2 William Gallagher Unit, 14-6N-21E, n 1/2 n 1/2 sw (Red Oak-Norris); F/2100 MCFGPD, 28/64", w/4 BLWPD, TP 425.

Sun Exploration & Production 2 Hulsey Unit, 18-6N-22E, c sw nw (Red Oak-Norris); U/Red Oak 6720-2814; F/1500 MCFGPD, 3/4", 16 hrs, TP 110; frac; F/2450 MCFGPD 18/64", w/4 BLWPD, TP 1300; F/3090 MCFGPD, 20/64:, w/10 BLWPD, TP 1320, tstg.

LINCOLN COUNTY Trend Oil & Gas 4-27 Sprleder, 27-15N-5E, ne nw se (Stroud); c/Pound, Spud 1-6-86, 8 5/8" at 570, Drlg 1507.

Trend Oil & Gas 1-35 Stroud Lake, 35-16N-6E, ne ne (S Pleasant Mound); at 4100, logs, woo.

LOGAN COUNTY Gomaco Inc. 1-20 Holidy, 20-15N-1W, ne ne nw (SW Fair Oak); TD 5900, logs, pipe set, perf & tstg.

Callon Petroleum 1-7 Bugg, 7-16N-3W, se se se (W Guthrie); Drlg 6630.

LOVE COUNTY ARCO Oil & Gas 2X Westheimer, 25-6N-2E, se ne ne (W Enville); TD 8102, logs, 5 1/2" at 8084 w/425, Pef (Woodford) 7928-50, frac, tstg. …

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