Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

New Locations

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

New Locations

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NEW LOCATIONS Filed 1-16-86 CARTER COUNTY Multistates Oil Prop, 23-1A SOuth Graham Deese S.U., 31-2S-2W, SW SW SE 270fsl 210fwl of SE 1/4 (Sho Vel Tum) 4250 Deese Sd. El: 973 GR. OWWO: OTD 4250.

Multistates Oil Prop, 22-2 South Graham Deese, 31-2S-2W, SW SE SW, 165fsl 1485 fwl of Sec (Sho Vel Tum) 4728 Deese Sd. El: 986 GR. OWWO: OTD 4800.

Multistates Oil Prop, 28-2 South Graham Deese S.U., 6-3S-2W, NW NE NW 2310fsl 1650fwl of NW 1/4 (Sho Vel Tum). El: 994 GR. OWWO: OTD 5530.

Multistates Oil Prop, 28-1 South Graham Deese S.U., 6-3S-2W, NE NE NW, 2310fsl 2310fwl of NW 1/4 (Sho Vel Tum). 4710 Deese Sd. El: 985 GR. OWWO: OTD 4710.

CREEK COUNTY Keener Oil Co., 1-5 Mizell, 5-14N-9E, SE NE NW, 1890fsl 2310fwl of NW 1/4 (Iron Post) 3850 Wilcox. El: 761 GR.

Crude Resources 1 Ryan, 12-16N-9E, NE SW SE, 1155 fsl 1155fwl of SE 1/4 (NE Bristow) 1300 Jones, EL: 840 GR.

Crdue Resources, 1 Ryan, 12-16N-9E, NW SW SE, 1155fsl 1155fwl of SE 1/4 (NE Bristow) 1300 Jones. El: 840 GR.

Hanoco, Inc. 9A Smith "Casey" Doolin, 2-19N-7E, SW SW SW 295fsl 165fwl of SE 1/4 (Jennings) 2490 Big Lime. El: 820 GR.

GRADY COUNTY Southern International Inc., 1-21 Goad, 21-10N-5W, 702fsl 1780fwl of SW 1/4 (E Tuttle) 9300 Miss. El: 1281 GR.

GRANT COUNTY Darlan Operating, 1 Dacia, 1-27N-3W, S 1/2 NW SE, 1650 fsl 660fwl of SE 1/4 (Webb) 5000 Wilcox.

KINGFISHER COUNTY L&T Operating Inc., 1-A Shannon, 23-17N-2E, NE NW NW, 2310fsl 990fwl of NW 1/4 (Sooner Trend) 9500 Wilcox.

LINCOLN COUNTY Stonermark Energy Corp, 1 Constant, 6-14N-2E, lSE SE SW, 330fsl 330fel of SW 1/4 (W Wellston) 6100 Arbuckle. El: 870 GR.

LOGAN COUNTY Alexanader Energy Corp, 15-1 Sanderson, 15-17N-3W, SW NW SW 1815fsl 495fwl of SW 1/4 (W Lawrie) 4800 Cottage Grove.

MUSKOGEE COUNTY Hawkins & Hawkins, 1 Foster, 8-13N-16E, NE NW SE, 2440fsl, 1000fwl of SE 1/4 (Council Hill Dist) 2250 Dutcher. …

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