Oklahoma City Workers Compensation Court Docket

Article excerpt

MONDAY, JANUARY 27, 1986 9:00 A.M. BEFORE JUDGE CASHION 9:00 A.M. 84-21600A - James Thomas Sykes (Lew Gravitt) vs Sammy's Heating & Air Condt. (St. Paul Fire & Marine Ins. Co, Milton Moon).

85-13229J - Joe G Keeler (Douglas Hilbert) vs Barker Brothers Inc. (St. Paul Fire & Marine Ins. Co, Milton Moon).

83-18241H - Ester Wilson (Craig Dawkins) vs Valley View Hospital (Hospital Casualty Company, Tenal Cooley).

85-01950A - Harlin James Marlow (Craig Dawkins) vs Mangum Brick (Own Risk, Dan Caldwell).

85-12651K - Clayton L Armstead (Craig Dawkins) vs BFI Waste Systems (Own Risk, Maryann Kelly).

85-00991H - Rafat Alhousni (John Forbes) vs El Chico (Employers' National Ins. Corp.).

84-19739H - Lonnie E Stafford (William Brogden) vs Bemis Construction Company (Own Risk, Chris Sturm).

85-10687R - Alvin Porter (Fred Boettcher) vs Cushing Rail Car (Travelers Indemnity Company, John Sund).

85-02581Y - Robert C Hopkins (Fred Boettcher) vs City of Garber (State Insurance Fund).

85-09835F - Melvin B Childs (William Brogden) vs City of Oklahoma City (Own Risk, Vicki Robertson).

BEFORE JUDGE CROSS 9:00 A.M. 85-00806F - Alfred Eugene Pitman (Mark Sanford, D. Scott Colbert) vs McCorkle Truck Lines (Mission Insurance Company, H.A. Carter).

84-07735R - Danny L McKinney (Mark Sanford, Lew Gravitt) vs Ingle Construction (United States Fid. & Guar. Co., John Oldfield).

84-02108L - Everett Hugh Black, Jr. (Lew Gravitt) vs Thomason Lumber Company (State Insurance Fund, William Doty, Jr.).

85-08745J - James L Williamson (William Vassar) vs First National Bank & Trust (Hartford, Kathleen Himmler).

85-08987Q - Judi Loydene Barefoot (Densil Sides) vs Brownb's Ambulance Service Inc. (No Card - Cert. Notice).

85-05655Q - Paul R Ezell (William Vassar) vs Lodge Company (St. Paul Fire & Marine Ins. Co., John McCaleb, Howard J. Pallotta).

82-11586X - David E Brown (Gary Gallagher, Duke Holden) vs Spec Indemnity Fund Only.

84-19949A - Larry Glen Johnson (Sidney Musser) vs Bob Dunlap Dozer Service, Inc. (Western Cas. & Surety Co., William Wiles, Jr.).

82-08977X - Frank E Warford (Mike Egan) vs Spec Indemnity Fund Only.

BEFORE JUDGE LYNN 9:00 A.M. 84-10079L - John L Underwood (Sidney Musser) vs General Motors (Own Risk, William Wiles, Jr.).

84-14036J - Roma June Baker (Walter Bower, Fred Boettcher) vs Cushing Schools (Hartford Insurance Group, John Cathey).

85-08878R - Davis R Harrison (William Vassar) vs Arrow Equipment Hauling, Inc. (United States Fid. & Guar. Co., Mike Coker).

84-11120H - Wayne Eugene Burleson (William Vassar) vs Warner Masonry (State Insurance Fund, Robert Karnes).

84-11363R - Cheryl L Conarty (William Vassar) vs Spec Indemnity Fund Only (William Doty, Jr.).

82-12680Y - Johnie M Karr (Michael Egan) vs Checotah Nursing Home (State Insurance Fund, Robert Highsaw, Jr.).

84-22497Q - Dennis W Crews (E. (Wayne) Keller) vs Lee Way Motor Freight (Liberty Mutual Insurance Co., Jeff Dasovich) &/Or Pepsico, Inc. (Richard Horsch).

85-13410X - Warren Chapin (E. (Wayne) Keller) vs. Lee Way Motor Freight (Liberty Mutual Ins., Jeff Dasovich) &/Or Pepsico, Inc. (Richard Horsch).

84-17527F - Loyd William Burt (Rodney Palmer) vs Rib Ranch (St. Paul Ins., Maryann Kelly).

83-09904A - Johnny Ray Johnson (Craig Dawkins) vs Jerry Parent Oil Field Serv. (Pacific American Insurance Co., Robert Hall &/Or Mission Ins., H.A. Carter &/Or No Ins. - Cert. Notice, Daniel Zorn).

BEFORE JUDGE LIVINGSTON 9:00 A.M. 82-04758A - Daniel R Milliser (Mark Sanford) vs Mercury Drilling Co. (Fidelity & Casualty Ins. Co., Milton Moon).

84-19850A - Clarence Lee Vause (Chuck Moss) vs Capitol Steel Corporation (Fidelity & Guaranty Insurance, John Oldfield).

85-07295A - Roy Don Wilson (Douglas Hilbert) vs Sutherland Well Service Ins. …


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