Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Criminal Motion Docket

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Criminal Motion Docket

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CRIMINAL MOTON DOCKET JUDGE NAIFEH THURSDAY JANUARY 30, 1986 2:00 P.M. CRF-84-3326 - State vs Rufus R Faulk (Rick D Gregory) Mot for complete recordation of all proceedings. Mot for discovery. Demurrer. Mot to require endorsement of witnesses.

CRF-85-82 - State vs Ronnie Clifton Calhoun (Charles W Brown) Mot to quash and set aside information. Mot to suppress. Mot to strike. Mot for discovery and inspection.

CRF-85-6446 - State vs Mary A Allen (Joe Roselle) Mot to reduce bond.

CRF-84-5737 - State vs Peggy G Daniels (Bob Carpenter) Notice of appeal and req for trial rec at public expense.

CRF-85-6050 - State vs Robert Wesley Futrade (Stephen V Wisman) Mot to withdraw as atty of rec.

CRF-85-5711 - State vs Dan Edelson (John Romig Smith) Mot to quash. Mot to suppress.

CRF-85-2637 - State vs Curtis Edward McCarty (Claude V Summer) Mot for individual voir dire and segustration of jurors during voir dire. Mot to quash information. Mot in limine. Mot to dismiss. Motfor continuance. Mot to include in the rec a phto copy of the entire file of the district atty. Mot challenging constitution ality of death penalty statutes & proc. Mot to prevent disqualification of jury because of their views on capital punishment. Objection by deft to death qualification of jury. Demurrer. Mot to disclosure of evidence of commission of crime. Mot for discovery and inspection.

CRF-83-3231 - St vs Billy Don Bailey (Charles S Rogers) Mot to dismiss.

CRF-86-14 - St vs William Clarence Lucas III (NAI) Demr. Mot to quash. Mot to suppress.

CRF-86-16 - St vs William Clarence Lucas III (Larry G Cassil) Mot to suppress. Demr. Mot to quash.

CRF-85-5747 - St vs Donald James Greggs (NAI) Mot for discovery.

CRF-85-5048, 85-6008 & 85-6097 - St vs Charles Ray New (Tony Addeo) Mot for discovery.

CRF-85-5271 - St vs Devine, Burrows & Kinippenberg (Robt Mildfelt) Mot to quash. Demr.

CRF-85-3343 - St vs Mark Andrew Fowler (James T Rowan) Mot for funds for expert witness. Mot to quash & set aside info. Demr as to info. Mot to remand for further PH. Mot to quash bill of particulars & declare death penalty unconstitutional. Mot to preclude death qualifying jury. Mot for prod of police reports. Mot to sequester jury. Mot to list witnesses in re bill of particulars concerning punishment. Mot for separate jury to decide punishment. Mot to life qualify the jury.

CRF-83-5601 - St vs Joseph D Brewer (Ronald L Wallace) Mot to review sent. …

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