Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD


Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD


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ACTIVITY Filed 1-24-86 CADDO COUNTY Dyco Petroleum 1-1 Gladson-Andrews, 1-9N-12W, c ne (E Eakly); Drlg 14,005.

Exxon Corp 1 Wayne Propps, 9-11N-13W, e 1/2 w 1/2 ne (SW Libbie); Perf (Des Moines) 10,859-11,060, tstg.

CNG Producing 1 Barbara Jane Unit, 8-12N-12W, nw nw (W Bridgeport); Drlg 12,796.

CARTER COUNTY Exxon Corp 5373 Hewitt Unit, 15-4S-2W, ne ne sw (Hewitt); TD 3100, 7" @ 3100, Perf (Hewitt) 28/2311-2709, Perf (Hewitt) 2450-88, acid, tstg.

COMANCHE COUNTY Dyco Petroleum 1-32 Lynam-Powell, 32-4N-9W, sw ne sw (Sterling); Drlg 9082.

CUSTER COUNTY Exxon Corp 1 Betty Lamirand, 15-13N-16W, c se (NE Arapaho); F/468 MCFGPD, 14/64", w/10 BOPD, TP 700, tstg.

DEWEY COUNTY Ward Petroleum 1 Edna Robertson, 20-16N-17W, w 1/2 e 1/2 ne (Putnam); Drlg 5707.

Unit Drilling & Exploration 2 Moore, 25-18N-17W, sw nw (Putnam); 4 1/2" @ 10,200 w/520, WOCT.

ELLIS COUNTY Medallion Petroleum 32-1 Hohweiler, 32-24N-23W, w 1/2e 1/2 se (Mocane-Laverne); Drlg 7600.

GARVIN COUNTY Sohio Petroleum 4 Ford, 7-1N-2W, se se ne (Eola-Robberson); BP @8010, Perf 7831-7906, tstg.

Same 3 State Bank of Elmore City, 8-1N-2W, ne se sw (Eola-Robberson); Drlg 6110.

Trepco Production 1-21 Anderson, 21-4N-3W, se nw sw (Golden Trend); Drlg 9601.

GRADY COUNTY Exxon Corp 1 Bessie Mae, 21-3N-5W, ne ne se (Knox); Drlg 5830.

Dyco Petroleum 1-11 Tunerhill, 11-3N-8W, se nw se (SW Rush Springs); c/Cachuma # 2B, Spud 1-19-86, 10 3/4" W 2500 w/125, WOC.

Sohio Petroleum 1-28 Alva, 28-4N-7W, ne sw ne (E Rush Springs); Drlg 17,220.

Ricks Exploration 24-A Mileur, 24-4N-8W, nw nw sw (Chickasha); Drlg 6127.

Ward Petroleum 1 Bradley Townsite, 27-5N-5W, nw se (Golden Trend); Drlg 9612.

HARPER COUNTY CNG Producing 1 Selman, 24-27N-21W, se ne nw (NW Lovedale); TD 6190, rng logs.

HASKELL COUNTY Exxon Corp 2 William Oliver Unit, 28-8N-21E, nw se nw (Kinta); Spud 1-10-86, 8 5/8" @ 1925, Drlg 2701.

LATIMER COUNTY Exxon Corp 2 Circle F Ranch, 22-6N-21E, sw sw ne (Red Oak-Norris); Drlg 12,641.

MAJOR COUNTY Anchorage Oil & Gas 1-29 Frazer, 29-21N-15W, n 1/2 s 1/2 ne (NE Seiling); TD 9860, 5 1/2" @ 9786 w/610, WOCT. …

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