Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Felony Docket

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Felony Docket

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FELONY DOCKET TUESDAY FEBRUARY 18, 1986 CRF-85-0698 - Alvin Parker (Wilson), Deason, St. Atty.

CRF-85-4132 - Larry Eugene Mukes (Evans & Foley), Morgan, St. Atty.

CRF-85-4577 - Donald Wayne Nance (Barber), Mitchell, St. Atty.

CRF-85-3211 - Ronnie Lee Williams (Hambrick), Albert, St. Atty.

CRF-85-6145 - Ronald George Burghardt (Whittaker), Weaver, St. Atty.

CRF-85-0941 - William Dudley Hughes (Public Defender), Elliott, St. Atty.

CRF-85-00120 - William Dudley Hughes (Public Defender); Elliott, St. Atty.

CRF-85-5715 - William Brent Lawrence (Eulberg), Smith, St. Atty.

CRF-85-6180 - James Arthur Longan (Laquer); Smity, St. Atty.

CRF-85-4852 - Derek D. Whitfield, (Black); Dee Jack Brown (Ravitz); Terry Wenford Normand (Walker); Weaver, St. Atty.

CRF-85-4866 - Monroe Andrew Mager (Baumann); Albert, St. Atty.

CRF-85-5459 - Edward James Martine (Whittaker), Ryan, St. Atty.

CRF-85-5786 - Addison Lanet Payne (Addeo), McMurry, St. Atty.

CRF-85-5503 - Brian Edward Beshears (Meeks), Ryan, St. Atty.

CRF-85-5306 - Brian Edweard Beshears (Meeks), Ryan, St. Atty.

CRF-85-5500 - Brian Edweard Beshears (Meeks), Ryan, St. Atty.

CRF-85-4965 - Paul Gregory Long; Valerie D. Thornton (Meeks), Ackley, St. Atty.

CRF-85-1376 - Javad Dadgostari (Hambrick), Albert, St. Atty.

CRF-85-6133 - Cleo Cooper Jr. (Whittaker), Weaver, St. Atty.

CRF-85-6209 - Guy Grayson Hatfield (Moore), Weaver, St. Atty.

CRF-85-6217 - Melvin Altus Clinkenbeard (Moore), Weaver, St. Atty.

CRF-85-4839 - Miles Hall (Hamilton), Weaver, St. Atty.

CRF-85-4553 - Alberta Guyton (Lyons), Weaver, St. Atty.

CRF-85-6009 - Jeffrey Layne (Watson), Weaver, St. Atty.

CRF-85-6230 - Efrem Zimbalist Dennis (Laquer), Smith, St. Atty.

CRF-85-5006 - Efrem Zimbalist Dennis (Lacquer), Smith, St. Atty.

CRF-85-6002 - Sandy Gail Long (Evans), Smith, St. Atty.

CRF-85-6122 - Rickey Nolen (Von Fossen), Jones, St. Atty.

CRF-85-6171 - Ronald Allen Bobo (Jones), Weaver, St. Atty.

CRF-85-5953 - Raymond D. Goggins (Hatfield), Weaver, St. Atty.

CRF-85-6304 - Minnie Ishman (McCormick), Smith, St. Atty.

CRF-83-3351 - Gerald Steven Cross (Addeo), Jones, St. Atty.

CRF-85-6215 - Mark L. Finch (Eulberg), Ackley, St. Atty.

CRF-85-5332 - Lewis Harry Brewster (Allen), Colbert, St. Atty.

CRF-85-2077 - Randy Leo Goforth (Hambrick), Ackley, St. Atty.

CRF-85-5888 - Deborah Kay Wade (Box), Wintory, St. Atty.

CRF-85-0763 - Arlen Dewayne Baker (Box), Mitchell, St. Atty.

CRF-85-3843 - Scott Nelson Lewis (Buchanan), Mitchell, St. Atty.

CRF-85-6168 - Donald Charles McCrath, David Darrell Lambert (Walker), Wintory, St. Atty.

CRF-85-6169 - Renee Larry, Sherry Crawford (Watson), Wintory, St. Atty.

CRF-85-6167 - Tim A. Curry (Hambrick), Terry Joe Braggs (Whittaker), Wintory, St. Atty.

CRF-85-5336 - Cecil Glendall Martin (Baumann), Wintory, St. Atty.

CRF-84-5978 - Wynema Johnson (Pitman), Farber, St. …

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