Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Oklahoma City Workers Compensation Court Docket

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Oklahoma City Workers Compensation Court Docket

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WEDNESDAY MARCH 5, 1986 BEFORE JUDGE CASHION 9:00 A.M. 85-04635K - Brenda Mae Wilson (William Thetford) vs Bob's Quick Stop (No Insurance - Cert Notice, E.A. Bob Pruitt dba).

85-09835F - Melvin B. Childs (William Brogden) vs City of Oklahoma City (Own Risk, Vicki Robertson).

85-04522X - Nib E. Hill (E. (Wayne) Keller) vs Lee Way Motor Freight (Liberty Mutual Insurance Co. (Jeff Dasovich &/or Pepsico, Inc., Richard Horsch).

83-04152J - Billy Joe Johnson (E. (Wayne) Keller, William Vassar) vs Grisham Construciton Company (Employers Casualty, Michael Carter).

79-04254R - Selma Lee Woods (John Loughlin) vs Seiberling (Own Risk, Cert Notice).

82-14906F - Ronald Dale Stewart (John Loughlin) vs Continental Drilling Co (Select Insurance Co., H.A. Carter).

84-16053K - Billy G. Plummer (Patrick Ryan) vs Spec Indemnity Fund Only (John Schneider).

85-02306K - Willie B. Collins (John Forbes) vs Spec Indemnity Fund Only.

85-01393R - Norma L. Lessig (Lyle McPheeters) vs Spec Indemnity Fund Only.

85-10123F - In the Matter of the Death of Thelma Deloris Hannah, Willie F. Hannah (Glenn Shapre) vs Central Sales Promotions, Inc. (Northwestern National Ins. Co., Vicki Robertson).

BEFORE JUDGE CROSS 9:00 A.M. 84-15852Q - Joe R. Eckles (Lyle McPheeters) vs Spec Indemnity Fund Only.

83-00248A - Dennis J. Schwingle (James Taylor) vs General Motors Corporation (OwnRisk, Vicki Robertson).

83-13322F - Vernon Graham (G. Saunders) vs Shawn McGraff Cement Company (United Pacific, Edward Terry).

84-15048L - Thelma Jean Canelo (Michael Kane, Walter Bower) vs General Motors - Assembly Div. (Own Risk, Vicki Robertson).

84-09724A - Paul Wesley Wilson (G. Saunders) vs Wills Ready Mix Concrete (State Insurance Fund, Robert Karnes).

83-14222Y - Betty J. Early (James Taylor) vs McKinley Properties (State Insurance Fund, William Doty, Jr.).

85-13259K - Gerald Wayne Gaston (William Brogden) vs Muskogee Regional Medical Ctr (Hospital Casualty Company (K. (David) Roberts).

83-13471L - Lawrence Allen Williams (John Estes) vs Texota (INA, Henry Nichols).

85-12502A - Nancy J. Grisson (Patrick Ryan) vs Blue Bell Manufacturing (Liberty Mutual Insurance Co., Jeff Dasovich).

BEFORE JUDGE LYNN 9:00 A.M. 85-07713K - Kirk D. Leniger (Paul Fernald) vs Enid Transport Inc. (No Insurance - Cert Notice &/or Crabbs Transport, Gulf Insurance, H.A. Carter).

84-04705H - James Hartline (Joe Farnan) vs Drillers, Incorporated (Employers Casualty Corp., Jeff Dasovich).

85-00422H - Gary Wayne Burk (John Baum) vs Comanche County Federal (Cumis Insurance Society, Inc., K. (David) Roberts).

85-07738A - Thomas L. Breske (William Brogden) vs City of Oklahoma City (Own Risk, K. (David) Roberts /or Adjustco, Inc.).

84-08194X - Patricia Diane Cook (William Brogden) vs Osborns Studio (Mid-Continent Casualty Co., Bertha Dodson).

85-08537Y - Mary L. McGuffin, E. (Wayne) Keller vs Southern Plains Motel (New Hampshire Insurance Co./American International Adj Co, K. (David) Roberts).

85-01280A - James H. Avery (James Levine) vs City of Okla City Fire Dept. (Own Risk, K. (David) Roberts).

85-01038H - Margie Irene Clark (John Estes) vs McAlester Regional Hospital (Hospital Casualty Company, K. (David) Roberts).

84-13228J - Linda Diane Cherry (Mark Sanford) vs Spec Indemnity Fund Only.

85-07277R - Sidney Earl Harrison (Andrew Gass) vs Polar-American Trailers (Home Insurance Company, Cynthia Shdeed). …

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