Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD


Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD


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ORDERS CIVIL Received 2-28-86 CJ-83-812 - Green vs Springer et al; mot for summ judg sustained, etc.

CJ-85-1723 - Neal vs A-1 Mobile Homes Inc et al; granting leave to file amend pet adding party deft.

CJ-85-8542 - Hope vs Jones et al; applic set for hrng at 1:30 pm before Judge Gullett.

CJ-85-9357 - Charles F Curry Co vs Badger et al; JE of judg vacated & held for naught.

CJ-85-9929 - OKC Urban Renewal Authority vs Oakley et al; confirming report of commissioners.

CJ-83-6277 - Guthery vs Capital Hill Auto Parts & Salvage Inc; pre-trial conference ord.

CJ-85-5058 - Smalling vs Jones & Laughlin Corp; allowing w-d as atty of record.

CJ-85-11103 - Home S&L Assoc FA vs McMillon; authorizing serv by pub.

CJ-85-10213 - American Mtg & Invest Co vs Helm et al; approv sheriff's sale.

CJ-84-5002 - Baker vs Midwestern Manufacturing Co et al; third party pltf to reconsider is overruled, etc.

CJ-84-5002 - Baker vs Midwestern Manufacturing Co et al; mot to dismiss third party deft shall be sustained, etc.

CJ-84-2405 - State of Okla vs Woodrum; to pay money into court.

CJ-80-5876 - Rem Supply Inc vs White; granting defense counsels mot to withdraw and denying mot for contin.

CJ-85-9088 - Simmons First Natl Bk of Pine Bluff vs Lloyd et al; confirming sheriffs sale.

CJ-85-8858 - Mutual Fed S & L Assoc vs Laymon et al; approving sheriffs sale.

CJ-83-290 - Hardy et al vs Fisher MD et al; mot sustained, etc.

CJ-81-2576 - Stand Invest Co Inc et al vs Waterbed Inc et al; dism w-o prej.

CJ-82-1300 - Wood et al vs Miller et al; stay.

CJ-84-2414 - Thompson vs Lobb; dism.

CJ-79-390 - Stepney et al vs OG&E; w-d funds.

CJ-85-9751 - FNMA vs Amadore et al; confirm shffs sale.

CJ-84-5330 - Liberty Mtg Co vs Martinez III et ux et al; allow w-d of counsel for deft.

CJ-85-9279 - West Beneficial Fin Inc vs Andrews et al; confirm sale.

CJ-85-9458 - Citicorp Person to Person Fin Ctr Inc vs Smith et ux et al; confirm sale.

CJ-85-9752 - FNMA vs Henderson; same.

CJ-85-340 - Coffee vs Balouchian et al; rel funds etc.

CJ-81-2079 - In re Overton Jr et al; trustee ord to remit money etc.

CJ-84-4775 - City Fed S&L Assoc vs Adams et al; confirming sheriff's sale.

CJ-85-8056 - Wilshire Bk OKC Ok vs The Heritage Land Co et al; of w-d, etc.

CJ-85-10991 - Holmes vs Deaconess Hosp Inc et al; for rel of med records & info, to transfer.

CJ-85-9925 - Fidelity Bk NA vs Fletcher et al; confirming sheriff's sale.

CJ-85-7598 - Fleet Mtg Corp vs Carrio et al; setting aside sheriff's sale, vacating ord confirming sheriff's sale & cancelling sheriff's deed.

CJ-85-9087 - Simmons 1st Natl Bk of Pine Bluff Pine Bluff AR vs Lloyd et al; confirming sheriff's sale.

CJ-85-5237 - In re Southwestern Drill Rig 5 Partnership; applicant authorized to compensate attys for interim allowance, etc.

CJ-85-4211 - Bright Mtg Co vs Winston; confirming sheriff's sale.

CJ-85-10168 - Mapco Engineering Corp vs Williams et al; pltf allowed to amend pet, etc.

CJ-85-5389 - FNMA vs Garrett et al; approv sheriff's sale.

CJ-85-4791 - 1st Western Fed S&L Assoc Inc vs Goodson et al; of recall, etc.

CJ-85-8757 - Tucker et al vs Moodie et al; pre-trial ord, third party deft shall provide to defts info, etc.

CJ-86-20 - Cargill vs St of Ok ex rel Dept of Pub Safety; JE of ord & temp driver's license.

CJ-85-10790 - O'Neil vs St of Ok ex rel Dept of Pub Safety; driver&s license revoked w-o mod.

CJ-85-4078 - McGee et al vs Leu et al; receiver execute all documents necessary to the renewal of the debt, etc.

CJ-85-5903 - Westwood Mtg Corp vs Dillard et al; confirming sale.

CJ-85-10794 - Gilmore Gardner & Kirk Inc vs Burks; pltfs mot for default judg sustained, etc. …

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