Corporation Commission

Article excerpt

(74411) AMENDED NOTICE OF HEARING Cause CD No. 132,962 Before the Corporation Commission of the State of Oklahoma.

Applicant: Anson Corporation. Relief Requested: Well Loca tion Exception. Legal Descrip tion: Section 29, Township 8& North, Range 22 East, Haskell County, Oklahoma.

STATE OF OKLAHOMA TO: All per sons, owners, producers, operators, pur chasers and takers of oil and gas and all other interested persons, particularly in Haskell County, Oklahoma, and more particularly Exxon Company, USA;& Arkoma Production Company; and Sun Exploration and Production Company.

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Applicant in this cause is requesting that the Commission grant a well loca tion exception for a well to be drilled and produce from the Middle Atoka, Cromwell Sand, and Spiro Sand com mon sources of supply underlying all of Section 29, Township 8 North, Range 22 East, Haskell County, Oklahoma, as an exception to Orders No. 50,048 and No. 90,208, said well to be located 660 feet from the North line, and 660 feet from the East line of said Section 29.

NOTICE IS FURTHER GIVEN that the Applicant in this cause is requesting the following special relief: To desig nate the Applicant or some other party as Operator of the unit well. …


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