Corporation Commission

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(74407) NOTICE OF HEARING Cause CD No. 132,933 Before the Corporation Commission of Oklahoma.

Applicant: TXO Production& Corp. Relief Sought: Pooling. Legal Description: The SW 1/4& NE 1/4 of Section 17, for the& Deese common source of sup ply; the S 1/2 NE 1/4 of Section 17 for the Hunton, Sycamore, and Viola common source of supply; all in Township 5 North, Range 4 West, McClain County, Okla homa.

STATE OF OKLAHOMA: To All Per sons, Owners, Producers, Operators,& Purchasers and Takers of oil and gas, and all other interested persons particu larly in McClain County, Oklahoma,& and more particularly: Woods Petroleum Corporation; Phoebe Schermerhorn;& J.H. Simpson; Amoco Production Com pany; Leroy Shuster; Ralph Altman;& Reed N. Ehrlich; Edward D. Feinberg; Sidney Taylor; Erna K. Kohn; Leo& Lichtenberg; Exchange National Bank of Chicago; William S. Bailey, Jr.,& Trustee of the William S. Bailey, Jr., Revocable Trust of August 3rd, 1983; The Inglesrud Corporation; The Dorothy Trust; Julia Mays; Bank of Oklahoma, Trustee of Trust dated February 22nd, 1977, for the use and benefit of Laura Owens Bennett, Philip Tabor Bennett and Darcy Ann Coale; Mayer Kaplan; Oscar S. Rome; Sidney R. Rothschild; Rachel Shuster; Samuel Holleb; F.G. Witwer; Rosalind R. Fried; Ladd Petro leum Corp.; Richard L. Roberts, Trust ee; Mae B. Allen; Exploration, Inc.;& Bank of Oklahoma, Trustee of Trust& dated November 7th, 1975, for the use and benefit of Laura Owens Bennett; BBX Oil Corporation; REG Energy;& JWF Energy Partners 1984 Ltd.; T.G. Mays III; Marlene Mays Clark; Marilyn Mays Beard Young; The Liberty Na tional Bank & Trust Company of Okla homa City, Trustee for Mary Mays; Sa bine Corporation; R.W. Laughlin; Titan Oil Company; J.O. Bryan, dec'd heirs and assigns; F.M. Ricks; Investers Roy alty Company, Inc.; Willis G. Leslie; J. Robert Lewis; Delphia Jo Mays; Fal conter E. Cambell, dec'd, heirs and as signs; Edward Kohn, dec'd, heirs and assigns; L.D. Simmons; N.B. Potter;& P.J. Thiel, dec'd, heirs and assigns; Da vid Bryan, J. Victor Bryan, Jr., S. Ha ron Ray, Robert A. …


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