Corporation Commission

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(74433) NOTICE OF HEARING Cause CD No. 132,830 Before the Corporation Commission of the State of Oklahoma.

Applicant: Bogert Oil Compa ny. Relief Requested: Pooling of Separate Interests and Designa tion of Operator. Legal De scription: Section 3, Township 17 North, Range 12 West,& Blaine County, Oklahoma.

STATE OF OKLAHOMA TO: All persons, owners, producers, operators, purchasers and takers of oil and gas, and all other interested persons, particularly in Blaine County, Oklahoma, and more particularly L.M. VanZandt; Kaleta& Irene VanZandt; James Hailey c/o Na omi M. Hailey; Edgar Lee Tucker c/o Irene King Underwood, formerly Tuck er; Irene King Underwood, formerly& Tucker; Laura Foutz, aka Lora Foutz, aka Laura F. Foutz, c/o Bob Foutz;& Claude L. Foutz c/o Bob Foutz; Flor ence E. Larson c/o Dana Larson; Ruby VanZandt; Kaleta Irene VanZandt Hunt er, Independent Executrix of the Estate of Lloyd McKinley VanZandt; W.P.& Tucker c/o Mary Irene Tucker Salter; Irene Tucker; H.A. Sisler c/o Eva Kath leen Sisler, Nancy E. Sisler and Harri son A. Sisler; and if dissolved, then& their known and unknown heirs, devi sees, executors successors, administra tors, trustees, and assigns.

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Applicant in this cause is requesting that the Commission pool and adjudicate the rights and equities of oil and gas owners pursuant to 52 O.S. 1981, & 87.1, in the Mississippi Solid and Hun ton (Order No. …


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