Corporation Commission

Article excerpt

(74440) NOTICE OF HEARING Cause CD No. 132,865 Before the Corporation Commission of Oklahoma.

Applicant: Sabine Corporation. Relief Sought: Location Excep tion. Legal Description: N 1/2& SE 1/4 of Section 3, Township 5 North, Range 4 West, McClain County, Oklahoma.

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Applicant in this cause is requesting that the Commission grant the following special relief: (a) Grant an exception to well location prescribed by the General Rules of the Commission and Order No. 250,713 covering the Gibson Sand, Hart Sand, Springer Sand, Sycamore, and& Bois D'Arc, and Order No. 252,026, covering the Bromide Dense, First& Bromide Sand, Massive Bromide, and Tulip Creek, and Order No. 55,734 cov ering the Chimney Hill Hunton, Osborn, and Viola Limestone which established the land described in the caption as one 80-acre drilling and spacing unit for said common sources of supply so that a unit well may be located 840 feet from the north line and 165 feet from the east line of the N 1/2 SE 1/4 of Section 3, Township 5 North, Range 4 West, McClain Coun ty, Oklahoma, and (b) authorize Appli cant or some other owner designated by Applicant at the time of the hearing to be the operator of said well. …


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