Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Orders Entered

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Orders Entered

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WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 26, 1986 85-15632H - Princess Rose Cleaners, Joint petitions.

85-15626Q - Princess Rose Cleaners, Joint petitions.

85-15631A - Princess Rose Cleaners, Joint petitions.

85-23957A - Hole Drilling Co, Joint petitions.

84-04563Q - Okla. Memorial Hospital, Form 14s.

86-02375Q - Capitol Hill Monument, Joint petitions.

85-11240L - Metro Mechanical Supply, Form 14s.

85-25402Q - Anderson Wholesale Co, Form 14s.

85-25157F - The Wiles Co, Form 14s.

85-13824X - G.E.A. Rainey Corporation, Form 14s.

85-17926R - J.C. Houck Oilfield Service, Joint petitions.

84-10606X - Boss High Pressure Testing, Mandate dismissed.

84-08061K - Forex Neptune, Incorporated, Claim denied.

85-15630Y - Princess Rose Cleaners, Joint petitions.

85-15633K - Princess Rose Cleaners, Joint petitions.

84-21328A - Burk Home Improvements, Vocational rehab.

84-21328A - Burk Home Improvements, Commute to lump sum.

85-22077X - Hinkles Right of Way Maint., Commute to lump sum.

85-10834X - North Ridge Drilling, Perm partial disabil.

85-14188A - Beverage Products, Special indemn fund.

85-20354X - Hoffman's Furniture, Claim denied.

85-06139K - Coca-Cola Bottling Company, Perm partial disabil.

85-13621X - Conoco Inc., Perm partial disabil.

85-16423A - Delaney Masonary, Perm partial disabil.

85-06137A - General Motors Assembly Div., Perm partial disabil.

84-10718H - Garland Coal Co., Den part other.

85-03583R - Pebble Tree Motel, Cert. to Dist. Court.

85-18679J - Jim Walter Homes Inc., Claim denied.

84-04478F - Pauls Valley State School, Perm partial disabil.

85-06412Q - Blue Circle Inc., Perm partial disabil.

85-06963H - Blue Circle, Perm partial disabil.

85-08718X - Stromberg-Carlson, Perm partial disabil.

85-07553K - Stromberg-Carlson, Perm partial disabil.

85-07554Q - Stromberg-Carlson, Perm partial disabil.

84-02917L - S.W. Bell Telephone, Spec Indem Fund PPD.

84-18814Y - Stuckeys, Temp total disabil.

84-18814Y - Stuckeys, Perm partial disabil.

84-13449R - City of Okmulgee, Perm partial disabil.

84-00839A - GMAD, Special indemn fund.

85-13632J - C.O.D. Lumber Company, Perm partial disabil.

84-17291K - Ceco Construction Co. of Ada, Special indemn fund.

85-06433L - Briscoe Drilling, Special indemn fund.

85-04465A - Quail Creek Golf & Ctry Club, Special indemn fund.

85-22954A - Wheatheart Nutrition Center, Miscellaneous.

84-13270R - Ponca Tribe of Oklahoma, Commute to lump sum.

85-14584H - Hillcrest Manor, Temp total disabil.

85-21927A - Tulsa Rubber Company, Temp total disabil.

85-21927A - Tulsa Rubber Company, Perm partial disabil.

84-17043L - Stromberg-Carlson, Perm partial disabil.

85-10461K - Muskogee Bridge Company, Perm partial disabil.

84-17954Q - Safeway, Den part other.

85-10380H - Phillips Industries, Perm partial disabil.

85-09010R - Superclean Car Wash, Temp total disabil.

85-09010R - Superclean Car Wash, Perm partial disabil.

85-12689A - Dept. of Corrections, Perm partial disabil.

85-01261L - Firestone Tire & Rubber Co., Perm partial disabil.

85-23627X - Skirvin Plaza Hotel, Perm partial disabil.

85-17460K - Love's Country Store #85, Claim denied.

83-18132J - City of Tulsa, Indep Medical Exam.

85-10685J - Triad Drilling, Perm partial disabil.

85-09260A - Capitol Steel Corp., Perm partial disabil.

85-07425A - Structural Steel Systems, Inc., Joint petitions.

85-19549A - T.G.&Y Store #1055, Temp total disabil.

81-13941K - Fronties Express Inc, Pay medical exp.

85-22293H - Kelworth Trucking, Claim denied.

85-09044L - Dillards Heritage Park, Perm partial disabil. …

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