Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

New Locations

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

New Locations

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NEW LOCATIONS Filed 2-27-86 ALFALFA COUNTY Columbus Energy Corp., 6 24N-12W, 6-1 George, NW SW 1980fsl 660fwl of SW 1/4 (S Da coma) 6870 Woodford. El: 1336 GR. OWWO: OTD 7001.

BEAVER COUNTY Donald C. Slawson, 1-13 Jan zen, 13-2N-20ECM SE NE& 660fsl 1980fwl of NE 1/4 (E& Grand Valley) 7900 Chester. El: 2815 GR.

French Petroleum Corp., 1 17 Sharp, 17-5N-22ECM, SE& SW 660fsl 1980fwl of SW 1/4& (Mocane-Lavrne) 7200 St.& Louis.

CARTER COUNTY Keith F. Walker 1 Brandon, 21-2S-3W, NW SW 1980fsl& 660fwl of SW 1/4 (Sho Vel Tum) 8600 Oil Creek. El: 1000 est GR.

ELLIS COUNTY Kaiser-Francis Oil Co., 1-29 Winn, 29-24N-24W, W 1/2 SW, 1320fsl 660fwl of SW 1/4 (Mo cane-Laverne) 8200 Morrow. El: 2234 GR.

GARFIELD COUNTY Hungerford Oil & Gas, Inc. 4 Horsley, 31-20N-3W, NW NW SE, 2310fsl 330fwl of SE 1/4 (NW Elk Horn) 5850 Viola Lm. El: 1004 GR. OWWO: OTD 5850.

Ward Petroleum Corp., A-5 Blansit, 20-22N-6W, NW NE, 1980fsl 660fwl of NE 1/4 (Sooner Trend) 7290 Miss. El: 1270 GR.

GARVIN COUNTY Coastal Oil & Gas Corp., 1 5K Morris Stewartt Paratt, 5-2N 1W, SW SW SW, 2310fsl& 330fwl of SE 1/4 (McCarthy& (abnd) 7300 McLish. El: 970& GR.

KAY COUNTY Jewell Consulting, Inc., 1-13 State of Oklahoma, 13-27N-3E, SW SW SW, 330fsl 330fwl of SW 1/4 (Mervine), 3550 Miss.

KINGFISHER COUNTY Columbus Energy Corp., 5-1 Charles, 5-17N-9W, sw nw& 660fsl 660fwl of NW 1/4 (Altona) 8910 Mannaing. El: 1172 GR. OWWO: OTD 8910.

KINGFISHER COUNTY Columbus Energy Corp. …

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