Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD


Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD


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ACTIVITY FILED 4-9-86 CADDO COUNTY Ward Petroleum, 1-35 Hin ton Townsite, 34-12N-11W, nw se sw (NE Hinton) Drlg 12,389.

Austin Production, 1-4 Byr um, 4-12N-12W, sw se nw (W Bridgeport) Drlg 12,940.

Ward Petroleum, 1-27 Coe Farms, 27-12N-13W, n 1/2 sw sw (Libbie) Drlg 7680.

CANADIAN COUNTY DLB Energy, 12-14 Jean, 12 14N-7W,e 1/2 se sw (N Okarche) Drlg 9010.

ELLIS COUNTY Home-Stake Royalty, 15 19N-21W, 1-15 Hunter, sw se (W Vici) Drlg 5220.

GARVIN COUNTY Sun Exploration & Produc tion, 1 W.C. Burnham, 15-3N 3W, se ne ne (Golden Trend) F/ 271 BO/13 hrs, 1/2e, w/1190& MCFGPD, TP 1710, tstg.

Mobil Oil, 1 W.C. Bonney& Unit, 23-3N-3W, ne ne (Golden Trend) c/Unit #20, Spud 3/22/ 86, Drlg 7634.

GRADY COUNTY Dyco Petroleum, 1-11 Tur nerhill, 11-3N-8W, se nw se& (SW Rush Springs) Drlg 13,930.

Donald C. Slawson, 1-31& McClure, 31-4N-5W, surf-ne se se, bhl-c se se (Knox) c/Ana darko Drlg #1, Spud 3/28/86, Drlg 392.

Dyco Petroleum, 1-25 Zackie Walters, 25-4N-8W, w 1/2 e 1/2 nw (Chickasha) Drlg 8044.

GRANT COUNTY Mobil Oil, 1 LeForce "C"& Unit, 24-26N-7W, surf-nw sw& ne, bhl-se sw ne (N Vicar) c/unit #22, Spud 4/2/86, Drlg ahead.

HARPER COUNTY Sun Exploration & Produc tion, 2 G.E. Freeman, 11-27N 25W, c se (Mocane-Laverne)& Perf (Chester) 113/6618-6742,& acid, frac, tstg.

HASKELL COUNTY Sun Exploration & Produc tion, 2 Federal Lankford, 24-8N 22E, c sw (Kinta) Drlg 3005.

HUGHES COUNTY TXO Production, 1X Riley "F", 20-8N-12E, n 1/2 sw nw& (Carson) c/FWA #32, Spud 4/2/ 86, Drlg 2930.

LATIMER COUNTY Donald C. Slawson, 1-25& Malitz, 25-5N-8E, s 1/2 ne ne& (Wilburton) Drlg 10,956.

LEFLORE COUNTY Cabot Petroleum, 1-13 Car roll, 13-9N-25E, nw sw ne (N Spiro) c/Unit, Spud 3-21-86, 9 5/ 8e at 1037 w/410, Drlg 8412. …

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