Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

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Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Pleadings & Filings

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JFD-81-6517 - Alkire vs Johnson; pltfs resp to defts mot.

FD-86-4001 - Hartin; pub affi.

JFD-80-264 - Izard: disml.

JFD-83-4651 - Willson; obj to evidence, not of intent.

JFD-84-3576 - Volz vs Hammond; req for production, interrogs.

FD-86-3242 - Watt; affi.

FD-86-4157 - Zachary; stmt of income & expenses.

FD-85-2608 - Morales; defts req for bill of particulars.

FD-86-1238 - Quintana; ent of appear and waiver.

FD-85-5180 - Grant vs Shaw; alias applic for contempt.

FD-85-5533 - Jones; applic for contempt cit.

FD-86-3187 - McLemore; pet for a writ of habeas corpus.

FD-86-3936 - Benge; applic for ord.

JFD-86-3938 - Dooley; ent of appear.

FD-86-4480 - Haas; waiver of summons.

JFD-81-5654 - Lansing; appl for citation for contempt.

JFD-82-1397 - Egbe vs Hardimon; appl to withdraw as atty of record.

JFD-81-8472 - Goodwin ; dismissal.

FD-85-6662 - Sartin; cont depo of Scott M Sartin, exhibits to depo of Scott M Sartin.

FD-86-3705 - Taylor; hrng.

FD-86-4215 - Kessler; ent of appear and waiver.

FD-86-4145 - Brown; same.

FD-85-3510 - Askins: ent of appear.

FD-86-4434 - Cox; ent of appear and waiver.

FD-86-4570 - Wilkerson; affi.

FD-86-3289 - Camp; amend pet.

FD-86-1001 - Price; reply.

FD-85-9019 - Volz vs Yates; pltfs req relief, pltfs exhibit list, witness list, proposed stip of deft.

FD-86-4446 - Rogers; applic for emerg ex parte ord.

FD-85-6958 - Hoskins; ent of appear.

FD-86-3193 - Stanley; ans. …

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