Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Southwestern Power Sale to Drastically Increase Energy Costs / Says Synar

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Southwestern Power Sale to Drastically Increase Energy Costs / Says Synar

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The "privatization" or sale of the Southwestern Power Administration headquartered in Tulsa as proposed by the Reagan Administration would increase the cost of electric energy to more than 5 million Oklahoma consumers between 70 and 450 percent, says U.S. Rep. Mike Synar, D-Okla.

The Administration has proposed selling the five Power Marketing Administrations which market the hydroelectric power produced by federally-built dams. Estimated values for the Power Marketing Administrations are between $15 billiion and $77 billion.

At the low-end, rates to Oklahoma consumers would increase more than 70 percent or $10.9 million a year just to service the debt incurred in the purchase, according to testimony given before a subcommittee chaired by Synar.

At the high-end, rates for Oklahoma consumers would increase 450 percent - without providing profit to the buyer.

"Such rate increase would deal a staggering blow to those served by Southwestern Power Administration - primarily rural areas already reeling under the collaps of agriculture and oil prices," Synarsaid.

The Power Marketing Administrations offer the hydro power for sale first to rural electric cooperatives and municipally-owned electric utidlities and only after public power needs are met will theysell to investor-owned utilities.

The power is priced at the cost of production.

Southwester Power Administration sold more than 714 billion kilowatt hours of electric energy last year to rural electric cooperatives and public power systems in Oklahoma and five adjacent states.. .

- "It's sad people use such crude methods as rules of thumb" to evaluate oil and gas properties they want to sell, says Jay K. Baggs, manager of the Oklahoma City office of David P. Cook &Associates.

There are a lot of people trying to evaluate the value of their interest in a well for possible sale now that the cash flow has been reduced. Baggs says he will do it for $20 or less.

Supply the engineering data and David P. Cook & Associates provides complete economic analysis with detailed production histyory/forecast plots over the counter through its Oil & Gas Reserves Evaluation System.

"We'll do the evaluation for you if you supply the data," Baggs said.

Oil & Gas Reserves Evaluation System is one of the methods the company is using to generate revenue during "the bad times" when so many oil and gas related firms are going under. Daivid P. Cook & Associates offers more than 60 programs related to the engineering side of the oil and gas business.

In addition to Oil & Gas Reserves Evaluation System and some similar programs, the Dallas-based firm offers time-sharing over its computers system.

Their economic analysis are "bankable" because the calculations have been proven over and over again, Baggs said. "The print out is recognized in the industry," he said. "Banks recognize it."

Company's can waste thousands of dollars in an acquisition, he said, due to errors in calculations that "rules of thumb" can lead to. . .

- Manufactured vertical pipeline strainers to separate and remove foreign particles and impurities from a liquid stream are being offered to the industry by Metric Corp. of Tulsa.

In the past, Metric Corp. solely installed the strainers on its measurement equipment. The standard strainer features a hevy-duty 3 mesh .120-inch diameter carbon steel cloth basket with a stainless steel inner liner and have a minimum 5:1 ratio of standard bvasket open area to cross sectional area of nozzle opening. …

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