Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Pleadings & Filings

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Pleadings & Filings

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PLEADINGS & FILINGS DIVORCE Received 6-24-86 JFD-84-4078 - Russell; appl for contempt citation.

FD-86-248 - Deaton; req for prod.

FD-86-3309 - Ward; ans and cross pet.

FD-86-248 - Deaton; interrog.

FD-86-516 - Armstrong; amended ans and counter claim.

FD-86-1485 - Welge; appl for citation for contempt of court.

JFD-86-2213 - Gross; ans.

FD-86-2126 - Fuzzell; pet to vacate divorce decree.

JFD-85-6866 - Robinson; ans.

FD-86-3795 - Bottoms; entry of appear.

FD-86-4057 - Thompson; entry of appear.

JFD-75-2838 - Rusco; amended appl for contempt citation.

FD-86-3607 - Mills; entry of appear.

FD-86-4357 - Dikeman; entry of appear.

FD-86-4317 - McNeely; entry of appear.

JFD-86-3860 - Cooper; notice by pub.

JFD-83-3176 - Spurgeon; Depo of Marilyn Rainwater.

JFD-75-3574 - Nedbalek; resp to amend mot.

FD-85-6662 - Sartin; depo of Jack Mitchell Sartin, depo of Jack Mitchell Sartin.

FD-86-2851 - Cotter; ent of appear and waiver.

FD-86-4297 - Bowler; ent of appear and waiver.

FD-86-4484 - Pulliam; ent of appear.

JFD-86-4205 - Mitchell; ent of appear and waiver.

FD-86-3741 - Micue; ent of appear and waiver.

FD-86-3383 - Thomas; pltfs req for document discovery.

JFD-84-6910 - Riddle: applic for contempt cit.

JFD-86-3860 - Cooper; affi, not by pub.

FD-86-56 - Brandt vs Staton; applic for income assignm.

JFD-85-8290 - Bradley; applic for cit.

FD-86-4421 - Smith; ent of appear and waiver.

FD-86-1669 - Cook; ans & cross pet.

FD-85-8732 - Luckey; ans & general denial, ent of appear.

FD-86-123 - Mustin; ent of appear and ext of time.

FD-86-2938 - Hamilton; applic to reduce temp support.

FD-86-2964 - Brown; ent of appear and waiver.

JFD-84-6255 - Fauks; not of lis pendens.

FD-85-5009 - Aguru; ent of appear and waiver.

FD-86-4740 - In Re Bauer: paupers affi.

FD-86-3895 - Valdez; ent of appear and waiver.

FD-86-2959 - Bradley; pltfs resp to defts first req for production, 2nd amend pet, ans to counter pet.

FD-86-3919 - Wallis; ent of appear and waiver.

FD-86-2936 - Tucker vs Barnett; ans. …

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