Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

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Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Public Notices

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(80849) (Published in The Journal Record July 9th, 1986) ORDINANCE 18,507 Street Improvement District No. 1617 AN ORDINANCE TO ASSESS THE COST OF PAVING AND OTHERWISE IMPROVING:

The south half of SE 45th Street - from the existing pavement on South Santa Fe Avenue to the centerline of South Oklahoma Avenue in the City of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma County, State of Oklahoma.


Section 1. THAT WHEREAS, the Board of Appraisers heretofore appointed by Resolution to appraise and apportion the benefits resulting from the paving and otherwise improving of portions of streets and public places described in the title of this Ordinance to the several lots, pieces and parcels of land which are liable to assessment to pay the cost of such improvements, which costs have been ascertained to be the sum of Thirty One Thousand, Twenty One and 05/100 ($31,021.05) Dollars, has performed its duty according to law and has returned and filed with the City Clerk a written report of its appraisement and apportionment; and

WHEREAS, after filing of said report the Mayor and City Council did appoint a time for holding a session to hear and consider any complaints or objections concerning appraisement and apportionment,and caused due notice to such session to be published according to law, and in pursuance of such action and publication such session was duly convened and held by the Mayor and Council on the 1st day of July, 1986; and

WHEREAS, at such session the Myor and Council did hear and consider all complaints and objections to said appraisement, and did then and there review the same and, did by resolution, confirm said appraisement and apportionment as so reviewed; and

WHEREAS, all legal requirements have been duly complied with to authorize the levying of assessments to pay the cost of said improvements against the several lots, pieces and parcels of land benefited thereby and liable to such assessment.

NOW, THEREFORE, there shall be and hereby is levied and assessed against several lots, pieces and parcels of land benefited, the amounts respectively stated in said report of the Board of Appraisers as reviewed and confirmed as follows:

Exhibit "A" Street Improvement District No. …

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