Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD


Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD


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ORDERS CIVIL Received 8-5-86 CJ-86-5601 - First Western Fed S & L Assoc vs Nordmark et al; Federal Deposit Ins Corp be substituted as a deft of record, etc.

CJ-86-2841 - Local Fed S & L Assoc vs Russell et al; Same, etc.

CJ-86-1685 - Pearson et al vs Edmond Memorial Hospital et al; pltfs shall produce ans to deft within 20 days, etc.

CJ-85-10345 - The Richard Gill Co vs Hooks et al; confirming sale.

CJ-86-3232 - Okla Mtg Co Inc vs Dumas et al; same.

CJ-85-1774 - Watson vs Morris-Duskin Inc et al; permitted w-d as atty of record.

CJ-86-7026 - Thompson Jr vs Thompson Jr et al; temp ord.

CJ-84-8776 - Norman vs Mead et al; applic and ord to w-d pltfs exhibits.

CJ-86-4677 - Overton vs Jackson; temp restraining ord.

CJ-86-2024 - The Richard Gill Co vs Cromwell et al; confirming sale.

CJ-86-5920 - Pioneer Fin Servs of KC Inc vs Octal Invest et al; deft granted and addn 30 day to plead etc.

CJ-86-3093 - Fowler vs Fielder; waiving medical privileges.

CJ-86-6578 - SouthwesternBk & Tr Co vs Burns; ord for delivery etc.

CJ-86-4601 - Bryant et al vs Boone et al; cases be consolidated, granted leave to amend ans etc.

CJ-86-2018 - Greenback et al vs Westplace II Associates Ltd et al; physician patient privilege relates to communication waived etc.

CJ-86-4600 - Collins et al vs Boone et al; defts granted leave of Court to ament their ans etc.

CJ-86-3844 - Four Seasons Nursing Center Inc vs Lamb et al; applic be granted etc.

CJ-85-9669 - Lib Mtg Co vs Bentley et al; confirming sale.

CJ-86-7239 - Karsteter vs State of Okla ex rel Dept of Public Safety; to restore driver's license.

CJ-86-783 - Firstier Mtg Co vs Cypret et al; confirming sale.

CJ-85-11178 - Firstier Mtg Co vs Brown; confirming sale.

CJ-86-7292 - McClanahan vs St of Ok ex rel Dept of Pub Safety; for hrng on 8-29-86 at 10 am before Judge Amick.

CJ-86-6627 - City of MWC vs Spencer Develop Co et al; apptg commissioners, making addl parties deft.

CJ-86-6626 - City of MWC vs Glenwood Marketing Inc et al; making addl parties deft, apptg commissioners.

CJ-86-6820 - In re Uwzayaz; for chg of name.

CJ-84-6697 - Nelson vs Est of Holland; proceeds taken are subject to applic towards satis of judg, etc.

CJ-86-3309 - Hudson et al vs Total Petro Inc et al; defts mots to dismiss or transfer overruled, etc.

CJ-86-7345 - Med Cntr St Bk vs Campbell et al; setting time for hrng on apptg receiver on 8-6-86 at 2 pm before Judge Gullett.

CJ-86-6278 - Whirlpool Acceptance Corp vs White; allowing break-in.

CJ-85-6066 - Slaven et al vs Guirales et al; pltfs mot for deft to produce income stmts sustained.

CJ-86-1571 - Kelley vs Wabash Life InsCo: pltfs mot for summ judg overruled.

CJ-86-4395 - Bennett vs St of Ok ex rel Dept of Pub Safety; JE of ord & temp driver's license.

CJ-86-4395 - Bennett vs St of Ok ex rel Dept of Pub Safety; bonds should be exonerated, etc.

CJ-85-6182 - Browning vs Castillo et al; sustaining mot to dismiss of defts.

CJ-86-4793 - Wyatt et al vs Laird et al; mot to substitute counsel granted, etc.

CJ-86-2803 - American S&L ASsoc vs Cavalcade Invest Inc et al; confirming sale.

CJ-85-2775 - Rogers vs Cook; garns mot for ext of time to ans interrogs granted, etc.

CJ-86-623 - Korstjens vs St Farm Mutual Auto Ins Co et al; clerk of court directed to accept sum, etc.

CJ-85-4230 - Hank Moran & Assoc Inc vs Anderson Energy Corp et al: court finds for deft Liberty, etc.

CJ-86-90 - Smithson et al vs Beachler; settlement approv shall be distributed in manner, etc.

CJ-85-11162 - Hokit et al vs Hayden; allowing substitution of attys of record.

CJ-85-8585 - Gomez vs Thomas; sustaining pet to vacate.

CJ-84-3113 - Ackerson vs Ok Beverage Distributors; granting pltfs request for an ext of time. …

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