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Midwifery Health Practitioners Provides Choice for Patients

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Midwifery Health Practitioners Provides Choice for Patients

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Phil Ivers is to many political correspondents a Yuppie (or a Yumpie) - an upscale, upwardly mobile man, wed or engaged to an upscale, upwardly mobile woman.

He is the marketing manager at E.B. Archbald & Associates of Oklahoma City, self-described simply as a computer company. Its product is accounting software, marketed, as he explains it, to four vertical markets.

Phil Ivers and his wife, Michele, are the parents of three children. The first two were delivered by physicians; the third arrived at a birth center operated by Midwifery Health Practitioners, an event not especially applauded by all doctors practicing obstetrics and gynecology.

Midwifery Health Practictioners is an entity bound to the ideals and economic pursuits of its founders, Judy Clark and Susan Ward, a certified nurse midwife and a family nurse practitioner. About eight to 10 babies are delivered each month at their birth center. Thus far, about 75 babies have been delivered there, according to Judy Clark.

But it may be accurate to say that every prospective mother in Oklahoma City is not as ecstatic about midwifery services as Michele Ivers. Her husband, to put it mildly, is an enthusiastic convert.

"Judy and Susan offer what health care really ought to be like - professional, yet personal, patient-responsive and directed, thorough and meticulous, and certainly holistic in approach," he says.

It should be made clear that the midwifery birth center itself is not licensed by the state, although the operators themselves hold certification credentials. Oklahoma has no provisions for licensure of birth centers.

Phil Ivers says the fee for pre-natal care and delivery at the midwifery birth center here was $1,100. Clark confirms this, but adds that laboratory fees and childbirth classes are not included in that figure. Hospital costs, obviously, would be considerably more.

Clark and Ward had a slow start in their midwifery enterprise. …

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