52 Okc Firms Hold $16.4 Million in Defense Department Contracts / Does Not Include In-House Work at Tinker

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As of this week, 52 Oklahoma City-based firms had a total of $16.4 million in U.S. Department of Defense contracts, acc ording to the Defense Contracts Administration Services Region office in Dallas.

However, that figure does not include in-house defense work conducted at Tinker Air Force Base.

According to Bill Hall, of Tinker's public affairs office, an industrial fund of $1 billion was budgeted for Tinker during the fiscal year ending September 30, 1986. Items covered by the industrialfund include aircraft and engine repair and numerous other related projects.

It would be difficult, Hall said, to determine how much was actually spent this past fiscal year on in-house maintenance, mainly because there are costs for items indirectly related to defense thatare paid out of different funds. He added, though, that close to $1 billion was probably spent for the in-house defense work.

The total amount of defense contracts handled by private firms throughout the state currently totals $766.6 million, and Oklahoma City's $16.4 million represents about 2.1 percent of the state total.

Defense Contracts Administration Services manages the contracts for the defense department - as well as several other agencies - for a six-state region which includes Oklahoma. The agency monitors the progress of firms which have been awarded a contract. It also maintains data on those projects.

According to Jim Thornberry, public relations spokesman for Defense Contracts Administration Services, both the state and local figures are actually cumulative amounts, not year-to-date totals. These state and local figures both include contracts which have not yet been completed. Some of the contracts were awarded this year and some have been in place for several years.

There are 52 firms in the metropolitan area which are involved in defense contract work, the majority of which either provide machine shop work or provide spare parts for defense apparatus.

RaNav Laboratories, according to Defense Contracts Administration Services reports, has the largest dollar amount of defense contracts - combined all its contracts total approximately $4 million. …


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