Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

New Locations

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

New Locations

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Filed 10-22-86 CADDO COUNTY Ran Ricks, Inc. Dunn 1-18, 18-6N-9W, 1320fsl, 1360fwl of SW 1/4, Perfs left open: 18,286d-298d; 17,638-642; 17,602-604; 17,606-634 (Springer), Perfs to be opened: 17,455d-461d; 17,438-444; 16,812-822 (Springer), TD 18,335d, El. 1248d, Date Oper. to Begin: Immediately, Surf. Casing Depth: 2229d (already set).

CUSTER COUNTY ONEOK Resources Company Klemme 3-18, 18-12N-18W, 1520fsl, 1520fwl of SW 1/4, Tonkawa 8762, Cottage Grove 9640, Checkerboard 10,532, Cleveland 10,572, Cherokee 12,724, TD 13,650, El. 1620 Est., Date Oper. to Begin: 10/27/86, Surf. Casing Depth: 400d.

DELAWARE COUNTY Randall Pogue Jaguar 2, 24-25N-24E, 2310fsl, 2310fwl of NW 1/4, Mississippi 300, Viola 400, Wilcox 500, TD 1000, El. na, Date Oper. to Begin: asap, Surf. Casing Depth: 50d.

GARVIN COUNTY Hunton Oil & Gas Corp. Moore-Winn 1, 17-4N-3W, 1980fsl, 1830fwl of NE 1/4, Sycamore 7710, TD 10,771, El. 962, Date Oper. to Begin: 11/1/86, Surf. Casing Depth: 658.

HARPER COUNTY Landmark Exploration Company Shuman 1-29, 29-28N-24W, 1980fsl, 660fwl of NW 1/4, Morrow 6200, Chester 6275, TD 7000, El. 2090, Date Oper. to Begin: 10-28-86, Surf. Casing Depth: 800d.

KAY COUNTY Coronado Petroleum Corp. Schwanke 1-30, 30-25N-2E, 1980fsl, 660fwl of SW 1/4, Mississippian Chat 3980, Mississippian Lm 4000, TD 4366, El. 922, Date Oper. to Begin: 11-1-86, Surf. Casing Depth: 235d.

LINCOLN COUNTY Schumacher Oil Company Russell 1, 3-15N-6E, 330fsl, 330fwl of SW 1/4, Prue 2968, TD 3000, El. 899, Date Oper. to Begin: undetermined, Surf. Casing Depth: 107d.

LOGAN COUNTY Highland Minerals, Inc. McCalmont 1, 14-17N-2W, 660fsl, 1980fwl of NW 1/4, Mississippi Lime 5304, 2nd Wilcox 5790, TD 5905, El. 1035, Date Oper. to Begin: 10/31/86, Surf. Casing Depth: 400d.

MAJOR COUNTY Earlsboro Energies Corporation Gene 2-16, 16-22N-13W, 1650fsl, 1650fwl of NE 1/4, Oswego 6250, Chester 6625, Mississippi Solids 7125, Hunton 7850, TD 8050, El. …

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