New Bankruptcy Case Fees Increased from $60 to $120

Article excerpt

Fees for new civil and bankruptcy cases under Chapters 7 and 13 that are filed in federal court have been increased from $60 t o $120.

The new rates became effective Monday.

The increase is a provision of the Judiciary Appropriation Act of 1987 which was signed into law by President Reagan on Oct. 18.

The $60 increase of the civil filing fee will be used to offset funds appropriated for the operation and maintenance of the courts.

Filing fees for new cases filed under Chapters 7 and 13 under the U.S. Bankruptcy Code have also been increased from $60 to $90 under the Bankruptcy Judges, United States Trustees and Family FarmerBankruptcy Act of 1986 signed last week. The new bankruptcy law goes into effect at Thanksgiving.

In June, all civil jury cases were suspended in order to save about $3.8 million and until the President could sign an emergency appopriations bill. The moratorium was only in effect for four days and was lifted when the President promised to sign the bill. Congress had appropriated $3 million less than requested by the federal courts for fiscal year 1986, resulting in a budget shortfall. …


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