Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD


Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD


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CJ-84-842 - L B Smith Inc vs Lewis; same.

CJ-84-908 - Fidelity Natl Bldg Corp vs Okc Restaurant Inc; same.

CJ-82-1525 - Thrower vs Sandy; dec of disml.

CJ-82-6387 - Lustig vs Okla Security Comm; same.

CJ-83-840 - Lewis vs Republic Appliance Division; same.

CJ-83-1325 - Stevenson vs Kordis; same.

CJ-83-2341 - Kessler vs Okla Tumbleweed Inc; same.

CJ-83-2984 - Jackson County Fed S&L Assoc vs Melton; same.

CJ-83-3240 - Bucklin Equipt Co vs Bebout Crushed Stone Inc; same.

CJ-83-3361 - Johnson vs Deen; same.

CJ-83-5283 - Gilbert Central Corp vs Okla Trans Dept; same.

CJ-83-5949 - Okla Natl Bk & Tr Co vs Brand; same.

CJ-83-6278 - Clark vs Hill Electric; same.

CJ-83-6451 - No style indicated; same.

CJ-83-7177 - Coury vs Cloud; same.

CJ-83-7359 - Robertson vs Davidson; same.

CJ-84-218 - Security Bk & Tr Co vs Century Fitness; same.

CJ-84-4990 - Abraham vs Hansen; dec of disml.

CJ-86-8909 - Lee et al vs North American Systems Inc; extending time for pltfs to file their resp & brief to mot for part summary judg of deft etc.

CJ-82-673 - Miller et al vs Roach et al; defts mot to consolidate overruled etc.

CJ-86-2769 - M H Burton Const Co Inc vs Blalock et al; two-thirds of appraised value of real est & premises is in excess of current fair market value etc.

CJ-86-7565 - Henderson et al vs Taco Bell Corp et al; physician patient privilege is waived etc.

CJ-86-9812 - In re Elmer et al; ord 86-09-18-03 of Tax Commission approved etc.

CJ-85-9836 - Fearnow vs DeLuca et al; hrng on assets on 12-12-86 at 2 pm before Judge Freeman etc.

CJ-86-5339 - GMAC Mtg Corp of Iowa vs Bremseth et al; confirming sheriff sale.

CJ-86-889 - Clements et al vs PTL Enterprises Inc et al; pltf or co-defts have any obj for granting leave to filed 3rd party pet etc.

CJ-86-10559 - Johnson vs State of Okla ex rel Dept of Public Safety; cause is dismissed upon mot of pltf & appeal bond etc.

ORDERS DIVORCE Received 11-17-86 JFD-82-205 - Mikes vs Cooper; defts mot to mod sustained etc.

JFD-81-6830 - Jarrett; defts mot to mod dec of div sustained etc.

JFD-78-345 - Frankfother vs Taylor; mod.

JFD-82-2287 - Storey vs Hutchins: contempt of court cit dism etc.

JFD-77-1221 - Strickland; dec of div be mod etc.

JFD-82-502 - Trent; temp ord redirecting chil support payments.

JFD-81-5417 - Ferguson vs Robinson; above reference finding become ord of court etc.

JFD-73-79 - Cox vs Madison; mod of dec of div.

JFD-77-7593 - Fahey vs Clay; support for parties' of minor chil remain unchanged etc.

JFD-82-8968 - Mitchell; mot for atty fees set for hrng on 12-5-86 at 9 am before Judge Kelley etc.

JFD-80-3393 - Deshields Jr vs Baranek; hrng mot to mod etc.

JFD-80-3989 - Barr; mod dec of div.

JFD-84-3322 - Klinglesmith; mod visitation.

JFD-81-4793 - Lawrence; pltfs mot to dism for lack of jurisdiction be vacated & children returned to pltf etc. …

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