Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Pleadings & Filings

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Pleadings & Filings

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CS-85-6265 - Cred Collections Inc vs Harlow; garn ans.

CS-84-4472 - SW Bell Telephone Co vs McGuire et al; pltf supplemental witness & exhibit list.

CS-86-6098 - Story vs Decker; garn ans.

CS-86-9499 - HH Fin Corp III vs Hale; ent of appear.

CS-86-6883 - 2020 Carland of Plenty vs Packer Jr; garn ans.

CS-86-5245 - Cred Collections Inc vs Chaplin; same (4).

CS-84-7050 - Atlas Mach & Tool vs Den-Con Tool Co; index.

CS-86-1126 - Cred Adjust Co Inc vs Henson; garn ans.

CS-86-1185 - Friendly Natl Bk in SW OKC vs Chance; ans.

CS-86-9313 - Roach Lmbr Co vs Standard Maint Inc; ent of appear.

CS-84-7010 - Scoggins vs The Prudential Ins Co of Am; disml with prej.

CS-86-8591 - Beneficial of Ok Inc vs Geyer; brief in suppt of mot for summ judg.

CS-86-4868 - Saha vs Graves; garn affi.

CS-86-4725 - Pierce Couch Hendrickson et al vs Neasbitt; same.

CS-86-6367 - Cred Adjust Co Inc vs Triplet; same.

CS-86-1137 - same vs Hicks; same.

CS-85-7070 - same vs Stafford; same.

CS-85-8437 - same vs Antpikin; same.

CS-85-4766 - same vs Masopust; same.

CS-86-3455 - same vs Price; same.

CS-86-6149 - same vs Johnson; same.

CS-86-6975 - same vs Conway; same.

CS-86-6977 - same vs Haji; same.

CS-86-3654 - same vs Peery; same.

CS-85-4936 - same vs Koon; same.

CS-86-1357 - same vs Johnson; same.

CS-86-6374 - same vs Rowell; same.

CS-85-7824 - same vs Rupert; same.

CS-85-5604 - same vs Love; same.

CS-85-5209 - same vs Cowan; same.

CS-85-6019 - same vs Hyatt; same.

CS-86-7811 - same vs Cooper; same.

CS-86-5623 - same vs Ivers; same.

CS-86-4597 - same vs Pearman; same.

CS-85-5856 - same vs Dunlap; same.

CS-84-4336 - St of Ok ex rel vs Johnson; same.

CS-84-4336 - same vs Johnson; same.

CS-86-8245 - Vanderpuije vs Skaggs Alpha Beta Inc dba; certif of serv.

CS-86-9201 - Gen Elec Co vs Big Town Motels Inc dba; ent of appear.

CS-86-6370 - Cred Adjust Co Inc vs Phillips; garn ans.

CS-86-7170 - Stores Protective Serv Inc vs Schiebert; same.

CS-85-2564 - Valley Lmbr Co vs Walker; same.

CS-86-9029 - Cred Serv Inc vs Stovall; ent of appear.

CS-86-9487 - ABC Supply Co Inc vs Diamond dba; ent of appear.

CS-86-9573 - Smith vs Self dba; ent of appear.

CS-86-7726 - Dan Delluomo Nissan Inc vs Bryant dba; applic to requir judg deb to appear & ans as to assets.

CS-86-6800 - Mercantile Tr Co vs Wilson; garn affi.

CS-86-9537 - Am Natl Bk vs Brothers; ent of appear.

CS-86-8371 - Sears Roebuck & Co vs Brothers; ent of appear.

CS-86-9481 - Donham Oil Tool Co Inc vs Ratliff Drlg Co; certif of serv.

CS-86-5452 - Bk of Ok NA vs Michaels; req for adms of genuineness of docus & truth of facts.

CS-86-8219 - Horn Wholesale Inc vs Cawood; ans.

CS-86-6202 - Pendergraf Jr dba vs SW Inv Co et al; ent of appear, ans.

CS-86-7830 - Home Svgs & Loan Assn vs Williams et al; ans. …

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