Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Pleadings & Filings

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Pleadings & Filings

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PLEADINGS & FILINGS SPECIAL Received 12-31-86 CS-85-5201 - Nichols Executive Travel Serv Inc vs Falcon Communications Ltd; pet to set aside conveyance of pers prop.

CS-86-8851 - Emtec Corp vs Ledford et al; not.

CS-84-7199 - Vantage Const of Ok Inc vs Duit Constr Co Inc; disml w-prej.

CS-86-3552 - Grady Mem Hosp vs Jacobs; garn affi (2).

CS-86-9113 - Elect Broadcasting Co fdba vs J P Western Inc dba et al; ent of appear.

CS-86-9917 - Towler et al vs Mtg Resources Corp et al; ent of appear.

CS-86-9874 - Schmidt vs Solaron Corp et al; ent of appear.

CS-86-10067 - Am View Inc vs Moran; ent of appear & reserva of time to plead.

CS-86-8911 - Fred Jones Lsg Co vs Upward Prods Inc; ans.

CS-84-4336 - Cred Adjust Co Inc vs Johnson aka; garn ans.

CS-86-1967 - Gritz vs Rice; brief in suppt of pltfs mot for atty fees.

CS-86-10022 - Edmond Ofc No. 1 vs Hooker; ent of appear.

CS-86-9989 - Cred Collections Inc vs Harrison aka; ent of appear.

CS-86-4798 - Assoc Natl Bk dba vs Swafford; applic for contempt cit.

CS-86-10387 - Spencer St Bk vs Williams; req for adm related interrog & req for prod of docus.

CS-86-10386 - same vs Steele et al; same.

CS-86-4896 - Allied Ok Bk NA vs Kirksey Jr; applic for ord requir judg deb to appear & ans concern prop & forbid transf of prop.

CS-86-6204 - Nissanov vs Hall et al; applic for cit.

CS-86-9491 - Roofers Supply Inc vs Tindell dba; interrog, req for adm.

CS-86-9265 - Porter vs Coursey; garn affi.

CS-86-41 - Sears Roebuck & Co vs Goldman; disml w-prej.

CS-85-2017 - Williams vs Hudiburg Chev Inc et al; disml w-prej as to deft.

CS-86-2288 - Felder dba vs Cunniff dba; praecipe for spec execution.

CS-86-7829 - Page vs Primrose dba; applic to requir judg deb to ans as to assets.

CS-85-4551 - Merson & Campbell vs Rudlang; brief in suppt of mot for new trial of pltf.

CS-86-7325 - Ligon Nationwide Inc vs Renfro; ent of appear.

CS-86-3196 - Downtown Airpark Inc vs Maddox Constr Co Inc; stip of judg.

CS-86-5902 - SW Bell Media Inc vs Sammy's Pizza Ltd; garn ans.

CS-86-4626 - Central Natl Bk vs Coble; same.

CS-86-2964 - Cred Serv Inc vs Briggs; same.

CS-86-7516 - McFarlin vs Fryrear; disml w-o prej. …

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