Oklahoma City Workers Compensation Court Docket

Article excerpt

WORKMANS COMP MONDAY FEBRUARY 23, 1987 JUDGE CASHION 9:00 A.M. 86-06027X - In the Matter of the Death of Roller. Lydia Grace Roller vs Central State Hospital (State Insurance).

86-07816L - Billie J. Wright (Richard Bell) vs Falcon Communication (Liberty Mutual Insurance Co. Jeff Dasovich).

86-12326Y - Essie L. Stevenson (Richard Bell) vs XY Resource (Liberty Mutual Insurance Co., Jeff Dasovich).

86-17600L - Keith Reiman (William Abney Jr.) vs Cowboy Tong Service (Own Risk, Chris Sturm, &/or Rockwood Ins, Richard Mason &/or U.S.F.&G.

85-25033A - Penny Sederis (Randy Bumgarner) vs Nets Emergency Medical Service (No. Card - Cert. Notice).

83-15295K - Jimmy Dale Smith (Ray Fulp) vs Bordens Mfg. (Own Risk, Henry Nichols).

JUDGE CROSS 9:00 A.M. 86-13995A - Ronald Gene Knight (Jerry Bryan) vs Wilson Foods (Own Risk, William Wiles Jr.).

86-12312X - Marilyn Joyce Neal (Richard Bell) vs Mancro Aircraft (State Insurance Fund).

85-02517K - Oren H. Pinkston (Richard Bell) vs Okla. City Park & Recreation (Own Risk, Mike Coker).

86-05265Y - Benny D. McCoy (John Estes) vs Lantz Chevrolet (State Ins Fund).

86-14103A - Felipa Medina (Carole Wangrud) vs Fairview Manor Nursing Home (Own Risk, Chris Sturm).

86-08929Q - Robert W. Sullivan (Dianna Wisdom) vs Okla State University (State Insurance Fund, Michelin Hobbs).

86-06190X - Bruce Alan Bridgewater (Prochaska) vs The Ritz (No Card, John Oldfield).

86-03150A - Stacey Lynn Jay (Craig McCoy) vs J. Riggins Inc. (Liberty Mutual Insurance Co. Jeff Dasovich).

86-15797Y - Larry Duane Nickels (Al Pugh) vs General Motors (Own Risk, Jennie McLean).

JUDGE LIVINGSTON l84-05858X - Zella Marie Vanburen (John Baum) vs Jan Graham Incare, Inc. (State Ins., William Doty Jr.).

85-01926A - Wanda M. thomason (Charles Rouse, Mike Warma) vs Wink Ent. (State Ins. Fund, Robert Karnes,).

84-21495X - Michael Day Oliver (Donald Lindauer, W.E. Sparks) vs Spec Indemnity Fund Only.

85-17167L - Donnie Ray Hurd (William Vassar) vs Spec Indemnity Fund Only.

86-00860A - Scott Kevin Kohout (Joe Homsey Jr.) vs Mr. How Warehouse (Old Republic, Richard Mason).

83-09183Y - Dane Rolf (Fred Boettcher) vs Kendel Apartments (Aetna Casualty & Surety) William Wiles.

85-11427L - William Edward Baker (Patrick Ryan) vs Donco Transports (Employers National, Richard Mason).

85-19520Q - Michael Duane Schlicht (Joey Chiaf) vs South Community Hospital (St. …


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