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Coca-Cola Sets out to Prove It's a Part of American Life in 1987/new Advertising Campaign Revealed

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Coca-Cola Sets out to Prove It's a Part of American Life in 1987/new Advertising Campaign Revealed

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ORLANDO, Fla. (SWN) - ``When Coca-Cola is part of your life, you can't beat the feeling.''

That's the singular message conveyed in the new 1987 advertising campaign for Coca-Cola revealed Thursday by Coca-Cola USA.

Edwin R. Mellett, senior vice president, The Coca-Cola Co., and president, Coca-Cola USA, unveiled the highly creative umbrella campaign born from consumer emotion and involvement with the Coca-Cola name.

``The campaign for our mother lode, brand Coca-Cola,'' Mellett said, ``came from the American people, the consumers of Coca-Cola.

```A part of your life' - that's what consumers tell us Coke is,'' he added. ``Coca-Cola is an integral, natural, important part of their other branded product can say that as Coca-Cola's one that's wrapped up in family values, youthful fun, friendship, your first date, patriotic spirit - everything that we have made it represent for 100 years.''

Mellett and John C. Reid, senior vice president - Marketing, Coca-Cola USA, introduced mainstream advertising strongly tied to the new theme. Campaigns for the company's leading beverages in the lemon-lime and orange flavor categories also were previewed at a national meeting of Coca-Cola bottlers and company officials. All new advertising campaigns include commercials produced especially for the black and Hispanic markets.

To set the stage for the company's advertising, Mellett reviewed a banner year in Coca-Cola USA performance in 1986 that included:

- Growth in the sugar cola market five times greater than the industry;

- Growth in the diet segment accounting for more than 60 percent of the industry's growth in that category;

- Leadership for the first time in the lemon-lime category, in which Sprite grew 5 percent, while the rest of the industry declined 7 percent;

- More than 7-percent growth in total volume, accounting for more than 60 percent of total industry growth.

Five products from The Coca-Cola Company last year captured half of the top 10 spots in U.S. soft drink sales. Backed by the strongest sales year in Coca-Cola USA history, Coca-Cola classic in 1986 became the nation's top-selling soft drink, claiming a nearly 19 share, according to industry authorities. Other Coca-Cola USA products in the top 10 were diet Coke (No. 3), Sprite (No. 6), Coke (No. 9) and cherry Coke (No. 10).

That impressive news was just the opening chapter in a 1986 ``Total Momentum'' Bottler report heavy with success stories for the Coca-Cola trademark and other brands from Coca-Cola USA.

The company increased its corporate market share to more than 39 percent, an all-time high and more than nine share points ahead of its closest competitor.

In an incredible sales year, Coca-Cola USA emerged with category leaders in colas and lemon-lime, the two largest flavor segments: Coca-Cola classic in sugar colas and diet Coke in one-calorie colas; and Sprite in lemon-lime, overtaking its major competition for the first time.

Those accomplishments were complemented, Mellett said, by the announcement that advertising for Coke - featuring new wave video superstar Max Headroom - was selected the top commercial campaign of 1986 by Video Storyboard Tests Inc. …

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