Judge Leamon Freeman; Friday, April 3, 1987; 9:00 A.M

Article excerpt

JUDGE LEAMON FREEMAN FRIDAY APRIL 3, 1987 9:00 A.M. CJ-85-9902 - Little Chief Drilling & Energy Inc (William A JOhnson) vs ALton Reed et al (Michael E Grant) Mot for summ judg.

CJ-86-4351 - Charles F Curry (NAI) vs Hammond (NAI) Mot to file 3rd party complaint.

CJ-86-12873 - Brian Lee Davenport (NAI) vs Kerry Leonard Hawk et al (NAI) Mot to compel ans to interrog.

Cj-86-3304 - Central Natl Bk of Okla City (Jack S Dawson) vs Henry Dewverry et al (NAI) Mot to dismiss.

CJ-86-965 - Sears Savings Bk (NAI) vs Stephen R Marquardt et al (NAI) Mot to set amount of award of atty fees and costs.

CJ-86-12980 - C Watts COnstruction Co (Nc (NAI) vs Stout Adams Surveying Inc et al (NAI) Mot for defautl judg.

CJ-86-7317 - Capitol Fed Savings Bk (Mickey C Coley) vs J R Sumcox et al (NAI) M0t for defic judg.

CJ-87-2036 - Westinghouse Electric Supply Co ( NAI) vs Jack Jefferies et al (NAI) Mot of deft.

CJ-87-243 - Wilshire Bank (John K Williams) vs Bill M Martin (NAI) Mot for default judg.

CJ-85-621 - Martha Simon (Raymond O Burger) vs K Lan Co Inc (NAI) Mot for reconsideration.

CJ-87-2017 - Paul Sprague (NAI) vs Richard D Hampton et al (Robert D Looney) Mto to transfer. Mot to dismiss.

CJ-86-4822 - Freddie L Robertson (NAI) vs Russell Robert Waters et al (Curtis L Smith) Special appear and mot to dismiss. …


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