Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Pleadings & Filings

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Pleadings & Filings

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PLEADINGS & FILINGS DIVORCE Received 5-27-87 FD-85-6958 - Hoskins; not of addl witnesses.

FD-87-3664 - Krag; affi (2)

FD-86-2632 - Netherton; stay of bankruptcy.

FD-87-2879 - Yott; ent of appear & waiver.

FD-86-5496 - Fulgham; joint applic, ent of appear & waiver.

FD-87-3248 - Smith; applic.

FD-86-9455 - Zimmerman; brief, not of hrng.

FD-87-3235 - Smith; ent of appear & waiver.

FD-87-2367 - Thornburg; pre-trial conference memo, pretrial stmt.

FD-87-2243 - Balfe; ans & cross-pet.

FD-85-9276 - Duke; not by pub, affi.

FD-86-2141 - Kendrick; applic.

FD-87-1795 - Davis; defts pretrial conference stmt.

FD-86-4660 - Chesser; applic.

FD-87-3236 - Lashley; ans.

FD-87-2636 - No style indicated - pauper's affi.

FD-86-7064 - Reinema; pretrial stmt of deft.

FD-87-2285 - Givens; ans & cross-pet.

FD-86-7340 - Siegman; applic.

FD-87-3227 - Franklin; ans.

FD-87-3285 - Fansher; ent of appear & waiver.

JFD-84-6923 - Rogers; defts response.

FD-87-2897 - Hardy; ent of appear & waiver.

FD-87-3678 - Overturf; pauper's affi.

FD-86-5796 - Cameron vs Davis; transcript of proceedings.

FD-86-9124 -Jackson; ent of appear & waiver.

FD-87-3264 - Brown; ent of appear & waiver.

FD-87-3344 - Hoffpauir; ent of appear & waiver.

FD-87-3267 - Cable; gen appear.

FD-87-3392 - Scroggins; ent of appear & waiver.

FD-86-7524 - Long; cert of serv.

FD-87-3171 - Kellem; ans, counter claim.

FD-85-9225 - Rinkle; applic.

FD-87-2409 - Green; ans & cross-pet for div. …

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