Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Felony Docket

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Felony Docket

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FELONY DOCKET MONDAY JUNE 8TH, 1987 CRF-87-0878 - Eddie Leroy Trice (Toure), Weaver, St. Atty.

CRF-86-6840 - Michael Larry McCaughan (Evans) Keel, St. Atty.

CRF-86-6830 - Michael Larry McCaughan (Evans), Keel, St. Atty.

CRF-87-1088 - Leshawn Danson Brown (Hill), Alexandre, St. Atty.

CRF-87-1719 - Romon Carter (Eddy), Smith, St. Atty.

CRF-86-4382 - Romon Carter (Eddy), Smith, St. Atty.

CRF-87-1944 - Jimmy Dale Oates (Rowan), Jones, St. Atty.

CRF-87-0855 - David L. Griffin (Hatfield), Farber, St. Atty.

CRF-87-0813 - Donald Tucker (Evans), Bragg, St. Atty.

CRF-87-1817 - Danny Ray Dockery (Whittacker), Ryan, St. Atty.

CRF-87-0548 - Gary Wayne Burke (Hambrick), Stensaas, St. Atty.

CRF-87-1620 - Stephen Tony Reece aka Anthony Reece Jr. (Eddy), Weaver, St. Atty.

CRF-87-0761 - James Edward Kelm Jr. (Jackson) Ryan, St. Atty.

CRF-86-2707 - Robert Earl Turner Jr. (Baumann), Krahl, St. Atty.

CRF-87-1379 - Rojelo Almeda (Toure), Foley, St. Atty.

CRF-87-1195 - Cornelius Laviolette (Kelly), Smith, St. Atty.

CRF-87-0555 - Magdaleno Rivas (Boaky), Ryan, St. Atty.

CRF-87-1756 - Jarrell Southerland (Allen), Jones, St. Atty.

CRF-86-4709 - Elden Ray Lane (Coyle), Weaver, St. Atty.

CRF-87-0358 - James Samuel Buckner (Baumann), Foley, St. Atty.

CRF-87-1394 - Jeffrey L. Crouch (Jones), Ackley, St. Atty.

CRF-87-1785 - James Darrell Jones (Carpenter), Foley, St. Atty.

CRF-87-1243 - James Darrell Jones (Carpenter), Foley, St. Atty.

CRF-87-1672 - David Wayne Tucker (Baumann), Johnson, St. Atty.

CRF-87-1742 - Andrea Annette Burns (Tesio), Krahl, St. Atty.

CRF-87-3401 - Andrea Anette Burns (Tesio), Kopp, St. Atty.

CRF-87-0935 - Steve Warden (Carpenter), Krahl, St. Atty.

CRF-87-1947 - Danny Ray Coun (Moss), Keel, St. Atty.

CRF-87-0407 - Mary Jo Rowe (Eddy), Elliott, St. Atty.

CRF-87-1628 - Jackie Dee Williams (Porter), Farber, St. Atty.

CRF-87-5479 - Edwin Brett Lee (Smith), Teakell, St. Atty.

CRF-87-0463 - Edwin Brett Lee (Smith), Teakell, St. Atty.

CRF-86-3958 - Patricia Ann Derrick (Box), Teakell, St. Atty.

CRF-87-1122 - Martin Stonwell Buehler (Ervin/Box), Farber, St. Atty.

CRF-87-1233 - Larry Hornsberry (McManus), Farber, St. Atty.

CRF-86-69509 - Scott Conrad (Sizemore), Farber, St. Atty.

CRF-87-1325 - Mary Catherine Mayhugh (Hill), Farber, St. Atty.

CRF-87-1148 - Raymond Leslie Summers, Toni D. Bond (Cox), Farber, St. Atty.

CRF-86-2467 - Tracy Ann Whittenberg (Poole), Wintory, St. Atty.

CRF-87-0123 - Salvador Carrasco; Juan Robert Carrasco (Jones), Teakell, St. Atty.

CRF-87-1668 - Sandra Diana Mays (Hambrick), Teakell, St. Atty.

CRF-87-1802 - Anthony Henderson (Rowan), Marie Pittman (Hambrick), Teakell, St. Atty.

CRF-86-2616 - Michael Batten (Carpenter), Farber, St. Atty.

CRF-87-1178 - Sylvester Miller (NAI), Farber, St. Atty.

CRF-87-1915 - Ben Tilton Inell (Rowan), Teakell, St. Atty.

CRF-86-2498 - Excel Orlady Williams (Baumann), Farber, St. Atty.

CRF-87-1591 - Leonard Paul Cribbs, Marilyn L. Cribbs (Jones), Farber, St. Atty.

CRF-86-1468 - Solomon Broadus (Porter), Farber, St. Atty.

CRF-87-1597 - Edward Reed (Laquer), Wintory, St. …

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