Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

New Locations

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

New Locations

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Filed 6-2-87


Apache Corporation, Delk 1-1, 1-1N-

21ECM, 200fsl, 1320fwl of NE/4, Basal Chester 8589, Lower Morrow 7785, Upper Morrow 7450, TD 9000, El. 2885, Date Oper. to Begin: 5/27/87, Surf. Casing Depth: 1650.


Conoco Inc., Ira 1, 23-16N-11W, 1980fsl, 1980fwl of NE/4, Atoka-

Morrow 9200, TD 9426, El. na, Date Oper. to Begin: Drilled, Surf. Casing Depth: 1535.


Amoco Production Company, Hunnicutt Unit 4, 29-12N-14W, 660fsl, 1320fwl of NE/4, Red Fork 12,800, TD 12,800, El. 1720, Date Oper. to Begin: Immediately, Surf. Casing Depth: 450.


TXO Production Corp., Bergen 1, 18-3N-1W, 1850fsl, 2110fwl of SE/4, Deese 4000, Viola 4800, 1st Bromide 5000, 2nd Bromide 5200, Tulip Creek 540, McLish 5700, Oil Creek 6100, TD 6300, El. 901, Date Oper. to Begin: asap, Surf. Casing Depth: 500.

Holden Energy Corporation, Diehl 23-3, 23-2N-3W, 1155fsl, 2475fwl of NW/4, Layton Sand 6500, Third Deese or Gibson Sand 7720, Fourth Deese or Hart Sand 7930, TD 8100, El. 1103, Date Oper. to Begin: 5/26/87, Surf. Casing Depth: 550.

Grand Production Company, Curtis Williams 1-21, 21-3N-3W, 2310fsl, 2310fwl of NW/4, Sycamore Lime 9150-9400, Hunton Lime 9600-9950, TD 10,100, El. 1000, Date Oper. to Begin: immediately, Surf. Casing Depth: 765.


TXO Production Corp., Graves ``E'' 1, 26-4N-8W, 690fsl, 2310fwl of NE/4, Noble-Olson 2400, Fortuna 3100, Yule 5400, Wade 5700, Medrano 6300, TD 6800, El. 1328, Date Oper. to Begin: asap, Surf. Casing Depth: 1100.

Ward Petroleum Corporation, Velma 2, 33-7N-7W, 1123fsl, 1707fwl of SE/4, Upper Wade 8150, Lower Wade 8415, TD 8500, El. 1130, Date Oper. to Begin: 6/15/87, Surf. Casing Depth: 950.


ONEOK Resources Company, Biby 1-31, 31-27N-7W, 330fsl, 330fwl of NW/4, Misener 5800, TD 6000, El. na, Date Oper. to Begin: On Permit, Surf. Casing Depth: 500.

ONEOK Resources Company, State 2-36, 36-27N-8W, 330fsl, 1980fwl of NE/4, Misener 5810, TD 6000, El. na, Date Oper. to Begin: On Permit, Surf. Casing Depth: 500.


B.R. Polk, Inc., Wheeler O'Hair 2-35, 35-25N-26W, 1980fsl, 760fwl of SE/4, Hoover 5100, Toronto 5500, Tonkawa 5900, Lansing-Kansas City 6500, Marmaton 6800, Cherokee Group 7000, TD 7800, El. 2353, Date Oper. to Begin: Upon approval, Surf. Casing Depth: 921.


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