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Orthopedic Center Uses Cybex System for Back Injuries

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Orthopedic Center Uses Cybex System for Back Injuries

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The CityOrthopedic Center, 5400 NW Grand Blvd., is the first facility in Oklahoma to offer the computerized cybex system designed specifically to treat back injuries and patients suffering chronic back problems.

Approximately $7.5 billion is spent annually for medical treatment of back pain and injury, including chiropractic care and private physician therapy, according to a report by the City Orthopedic Center with Cybex Testing and Rehabilitation.

An estimated 33 percent of all workers' compensation dollars are spent on back injuries, it added.

"The center is a specialized orthopedic and rehabilitation center, not a complete physical therapy unit," explained Kathryn Brumley, marketing director for City Orthopedic Center, which opened in late May.

"The cost of the 1,500-square-foot office set-up is less than $300,000, including the leasing of the cybex machines," she said. "We have four full-time employees with the hope of adding a second shift, which would require adding two therapy assistants."

The cybex system consists of a trunk extension flexion, torso rotation and liftask. These machines record data for evaluating everyday lifting, carrying, reaching and work perfomance, twisting ability with or without loads, function performance which may cause injury, and how to lift safely.

The system was developed to help employers with:

- Pre-employment screening - which helps determine whether a worker is functionally prepared for a job's demands or whether there may be potential for injury.

- Ergonomic job assessment - measuring the work performance of muscles.

- Identifying malingering from legitimate injuries.

- Decreased loss of work.

- Increases in productivity.

"The cybex machine is objective, and you cannot fake the machine because it picks up differences in effort with graph printouts," said Cydney M. Allsbrook, the clinical director and physical therapist at the City Orthopedic Center. "Also, the machine is objective in finding a problem that doesn't show up on X-rays."

Allsbrook has been a clinical instructor at the Oklahoma Univerity Health Sciences Center and the University of Texas Medical Branch. Before beginning the City Orthorpedic Center, she was senior physical therapist at the Baptist Medical Center Orthopedic Satellite in Oklahoma City.

Drs. Tom G. Mayer and Vert Mooney, the developers of the cybex system, received the 1985 Volvo award in clinical sciences for an objective assessment of spine function following industrial injury. …

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