Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Pleadings & Filings

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Pleadings & Filings

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DIVORCE Received 8-3-87 JFD-82-8130 - Munro; amend ord grant wage assgn.

JFD-87-5357 - Hawkins; ans of garn.

JFD-79-2062 - McRae; response.

JFD-80-8525 - Sarratt; app, ord.

JFD-81-9654 - McLain; ord for hrng.

JFD-78-2276 - Bean; ord for hrng, app.

JFD-78-2276 - Bean; temp ord.

JFD-73-5970 - Teel; app for cit, cit and ord.

JFD-84-1375 - Land; not to take depo (3).

JFD-84-1353 - Daniels; certif of serv.

JFD-84-330 - Loomis; cit for contempt.

JFD-82-8648 - Bowles; reply.

JFD-83-4578 - Porter; app for cit.

JFD-73-591 - Stansberry; brief, resp.

JFD-84-2731 - Schmitt vs Hardy; jnt applic.

JFD-84-2731 - Schmitt vs Hardy; applic.

JFD-84-656 - Mitchell; withdrawal.

JFD-82-6166 - Kesatie; applic.

FD-86-6044 - Adams; ord.

FD-86-6993 - Ilene Coventry vs William A Coventry II; dec of div.

FD-86-9141 - Marquez; mod ord.

JFD-76-1136 - Bard; je.

FD-85-5271 - Cheryl Ann Jones vs Kelly Karl Jones; jud and dec of div.

FD-85-5271 - Jones; ord.

FD-86-6851 - Traci B Black vs Charles Alan Black; dec of div.

FD-87-1827 - Jennifer June Roswell vs Bradley Gene Rowell; same.

FD-87-4769 - Cheryl L Wilson vs Stephen L Wilson; dec of div.

FD-86-3685 - Dick; appear bond.

JFD-86-2141 - Kendrick; same.

FD-87-1827 - Rowell; ent of appear and waiver.

FD-87-1994 - Johnson; ord.

FD-87-3833 - Di Salvatore; ent of appear.

FD-87-5404 - Gardner; paupers affi. (3)

FD-87-4204 - SAndra K Nwabugwu vs John C Nwabugwu: dec of div.

FD-87-4769 - Wilson; ent of appear and waiver.

JFD-86-7306 - Mendell; disml.

JFD-82-6777 - Nard; resp to mot.

FD-87-2185 - Auchenbach; pretrial stmt.

FD-86-8469 - Richards; applic.

FD-87-2962 - Sharon; pretrial stmt.

FD-87-3893 - Cody; cross pet.

JFD-85-1154 - Middleton; interrogs, ans to interrogs.

FD-87-2962 - Sharon; pretrial conf stmt.

FD-84-7244 - Hughes; jnt applic.

FD-86-7550 - Mayo; applic.

FD-87-5222 - Ridlinghafer; applic.

FD-85-8107 - Cornelius; applic.

JFD-86-1838 - Davis vs Halleran; withdrawal of counsel. …

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