Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Probate Proceedings

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Probate Proceedings

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PROBATE PROCEEDINGS Received 8-5-87 P-77-604 - Est of Rooney; pub affi.

P-82-1459 - Est of Rooney; same.

P-84-592 - Est of Richardson; same.

P-85-1808 - Est of Knight; same.

P-86-793 - Est of Robinson; same.

P-86-1372 - Est of Atkins; same.

P-86-1569 - Est of Mead; same.

P-86-2028 - Est of Rooney; same.

P-87-158 - Est of Barber; same.

P-87-608 - Est of Crow; same.

P-87-849 - Est of Lechtenberger; same.

P-87-1172 - Est of Sherman; same.

P-87-1211 - Est of Chilton; same.

P-87-1231 - Est of Vitale; same.

P-87-905 - Est of Wiggins; rel OTC, gen inv & appr.

P-86-679 - Est of Miller; rel OTC.

P-87-233 - Est of Smith; same.

P-87-1008 - Est of Yoder; app, ord.

P-87-354 - Est of Hathaway; gen inv & appr.

P-85-585 - Est of Everett; rept of admnx, fin dischg.

P-82-2281 - Est of Eberhart; affi of mail.

P-87-1329 - Det of Williams; amend to pet.

P-87-1327 - Est of Picard; affi of mail.

P-86-419 - Est of Banks; ord.

P-86-720 - Est of Luker; ord for hrng on 8-14-87 at 9 am, not of hrng, affi of mail.

P-85-1170 - Est of Hundley; retn of sale.

P-87-1353 - Est of Lower; not of hrng on 8-20-87 at 9 am, ord for hrng.

P-85-1457 - Gdn of Youngblood et al; scheduling ord.

P-80-734 - Est of Davis; ord det heirs.

P-83-979 - Est of Vaughn; pet to sell oil and gas lease, ord auth sale, not of sale on 8-19-87 at 9 am.

P-87-1089 - Est of Snyder; gen inv & appr.

P-87-039 - Est of Humble; same.

P-86-857 - Est of Martin; rel OTC.

P-86-129 - Est of Hardy; ord confirm sale, retn of sale.

P-87-1272 - Est of Turner; ord admit will to probate, letters issue to Stacy G Turner, not to credrs.

P-86-869 - Est of Devlin; not of hrng on 8-25-87 at 9 am, ord for hrng, proof of mail, amend fin acct.

P-86-1782 - Est of Lindsey; ord allow fin acct.

P-86-395 - Est of Spencer et al; ord allow fin acct, affi of mail.

P-86-1114 - Est of Kyle; ans to interrog, inv of prop.

P-87-1352 - In re Williams; not of proceedings involving an child.

P-87-1237 - Det of White et al; decree det death.

P-87-1252 - Det of DeLong; decree det death.

P-87-908 - Est of Brewer; jt app for auth to distr rather than to sell real prop. …

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