Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Pleadings & Filings

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Pleadings & Filings

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DIVORCE RECEIVED 8-18-87 JFD-84-2914 - Simpkins; appl.

JFD-82-3130 - Collins; appear bond, ord.

FD-81-6590 - Burns; brief.

FD-87-1898 - Cook; ans and cross pet.

FD-87-128 - Norman v Petersen vs Deborah S Petersen; dec of div.

FD-87-5390 - MCCormack; ord.

FD-87-5545 - Brenda L Reed vs Richard L Reed; dec of div.

FD-87-5555 - David W Boland vs Linda J Boland; dec of div.

FD-87-2201 - Bryant; pretrial conf stmt, ans.

FD-87-5516 - Mary R Burns vs Oscar H Burns; dec of div.

FD-86-8434 - TE Davis vs JS Davis; dec of div.

FD-87-3605 - Cynthia J Anderson vs Walter David Anderson; same.

FD-87-2327 - Lewis vs Blagowsky; je.

FD-87-3782 - Joe R Parks vs Deborah L Parks; dec of div.

FD-87-5615 - Newey; ans and cross pet.

FD-87-3065 - Welch vs Malan; ans to interrogs.

FD-87-2123 - William Kenneth Whelan vs Peggy Ann Whelan; dec of div.

FD-86-5188 - Foste; ord.

FD-86-9462 - Thompson; applic.

JFD-86-5188 - Foste; not. FD-85-8151 - Green; ord.

FD-87-2057 - Ferguson; cit for contempt.

FD-87-5514 - Pamela Dee Luza vs Christopher Lee Luza; dec of div.

FD-87-4347 - Richard H Harrington vs Donna K Harrington; same.

FD-87-4412 - Troy A Cantrell vs Tedra Celeste Cantrell; same.

FD-87-3560 - Funk vs Clark; ans to interrogs.

FD-87-5520 - Garland Curtis Scruggs vs Lana Jean Scruggs; dec of div.

FD-87-5489 - Donald Dale Boots vs Linda Marie Boots; same.

FD-87-4771 - Vernita R Holman vs Kenneth Holman; same.

FD-87-5203 - Blotz; mod temp ord.

JFD-87-5128 - Chittenden; ans.

FD-87-2764 - Haworth; mod temp ord.

FD-87-4412 - Cantrell; ent of appear and waiver.

FD-87-5520 - Scruggs; same.

FD-87-4685 - Wisdom; same.

FD-87-4347 - Harrington; same.

FD-87-3605 - Anderson; same.

FD-86-8983 - Thomas; transfer ord.

FD-87-5516 - Burns; ent of appear and waiver.

FD-87-5555 - Boland; same.

FD-87-5503 - Gasaway; same.

FD-87-5492 - Angeles; same.

FD-87-1817 - Wright; ord.

FD-87-2243 - Balfe; ord.

FD-87-4666 - Troxell; disml wo prej. …

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