Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Assignment of Mortgages

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Assignment of Mortgages

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ASSIGNMENT OF MORTGAGES Received 8-26-87 106260 - Liberty Mtg Co to Victoria Mtg Co, L8 B38 Camelot Sec Stonegate Addn.

106261 - Same to same, pt L7 B8 Roberts Lakeview Addn.

106262 - Same to same, L9 B4 Cambridge Sec I Addn.

106263 - Same to same, L4 Marshan Hgts Addn.

106264 - Same to same, L7-9 B28 amended plat of Millers Blvd Addn.

106265 - Same to same, L12 B53 Camelot Sec 3 Stonegate Addn.

106266 - Same to same, L17 B5 Shallow Brook Sec II Addn.

106268 - Govt Natl Mtg Assoc to FNMA, L1 B4 Park Estates 11th Addn.

106282 - Metropolitan Life Ins Co to Continental Fed S&L Assoc, L10 B65 Sec 22 Quail Creek Addn.

106283 - Bank of Okla to Vivian J Adler tr, L5 B4 Lansbrook Addn, etc.

106287 - Mtg Funding Corp to John E McGuire et al, L22 & 23 B7 Grand View Addn.

106309 - Ryan Mtg Co to Westmark Mtg Corp, $10, L14 B12 Sec 6 West Oaks Addn.

106314 - Freedlander Inc to National Bank of North Carolina, L8 B12 Sec 2 Casady Manor Addn.

106315 - Same to same, pt NE4 Sec 5 T11N R1W IM.

106316 - Same to same, L14 B4 Willow Wind Sec 1 Addn.

106317 - Same to same, L11 & 12 B6 Northwest Addn.

106318 - Same to same, L11 B4 Edgewater Sec 3 Addn.

106319 - Same to same, L1 B6 Henderson Estates North Addn.

106320 - Same to same, pt NW4 Sec 34 T11N R1W IM.

106321 - Same to same, L15 B2 Highleys Wildewood Sec 3 Addn.

106322 - Same to same, pt L4 Waterfront Acres Addn.

106323 - Same to same, L23 B3 Clarks Lake Ridge Addn.

106324 - Same to same, L18 B7 Lewallens Western Sands Addn.

106326 - Foster Mtg Corp to Mellon Finl Svcs Corp No 9, L17 B5 amended plat of Westborough First Addn.

106365 - First Fed Svgs Bank of Okla to Mtg Clearing Corp, L35 & 36 B8 Estes Park Addn. …

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