Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Misdemeanor Docket

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Misdemeanor Docket

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MISDEMEANOR DOCKET MONDAY DECEMBER 7, 1987 CRM-84-2844 - Victoria J Johnson (NAI), Miller, St. Atty.

CRM-84-4439 - Michael Anthony Homer (NAI), Miller, St. Atty.

CRM-85-2897 - Arman Lynn Burgess (NAI), Nowakowski, St. Atty.

CRM-86-3970 - Richard Gerom Johnson (NAI), Miller, St. Atty.

CRM-87-0204 - Jim Dale Maddox (Carpenter), Miller, St. Atty.

CRM-87-1445 - Kenneth Dean Cable (Golf), Riesen, St. Atty.

CRM-87-1553 - Elmer Milton II (Hambrick), Burnett, St. Atty.

CRM-87-1607 - Joseph N. Gross (Coyle), Nowakowski, St. Atty.

CRM-87-1984 - David G. White (Pearson), Miller, St. Atty.

CRM-87-2022- James Vernon McClain (Keel), Burnett, St. Atty.

CRM-87-2059 - Glen Marvn Breger (Hamilton), Riesen, St. Atty.

CRM-87-2065 - Cleasel Brooks (Moore), Riesen, St. Atty.

CRM-87-2097 - Thomas Gregory Debell (NAI), Nowakowski, St. Atty.

CRM-87-2292 - Linda J. Caldwell (NAI), Burnett, St. Atty.

CRM-87-2365 - Robert Michael Grabowski (NAI), Riesen, St. Atty.

CRM-87-2396 - Linda John Caldwell (Jackson), Nowakowski, St. Atty.

CRM-87-2497 - George B. Kittrell (Manchester), Nowakowski, St. Atty.

CRM-87-2664 - Stanley Ray Burns, Tina Still (Murdock), Miller, St. Atty.

CRM-87-2681 - D Boyd Dobson (Murdock), Ogilvie, St. Atty.

CRM-87-2700 - Lawrnce T. McLaren (NAI), Miller, St. Atty.

CRM-87-2746 - Ricky Oliver (Hoover), Nowakowski, St. Atty.

CRM-87-2800 - Dearl Wayne Taylor (Tudor), Miller, St. Atty.

CRM-87-2804 - Gary Layne Thompson (NAI), Miller, St. Atty.

CRM-87-2810 - Lois Marie Jones (NAI), Miller, St. Atty.

CRM-87-2813 - Michael Jon Waldo (Tudor), Burnett, St. Atty.

CRM-87-2833 - Francis Crim (York), Burnett, St. Atty.

CRM-87-2866 - Tanya L. Summers (Carpenter), Nowakowski, St. Atty.

CRM-87-2887 - Steve W. Treaster (Brink), Nowakowski, St. Atty.

CRM-87-2890 - Ralph Edward Young (Whittaker), Miller, St. Atty. …

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