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Include Corporate Goals, Procedures and Policies in Employee Handbooks

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Include Corporate Goals, Procedures and Policies in Employee Handbooks

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If you're working on an employee handbook for your company, the best time to start it is last year. It takes about a year of noting the problems that arise and thinking about how they should have been handled - instead of how they actually were handled - to put together a good handbook.

But in case you don't have that much time to work on a handbook, here are some suggestions.

Begin with a statement of corporate goals. Some handbooks omit this step, but unless the employees have a clear idea of where the company is going, they can't be reasonably expected to help it get there.

A good way to organize the handbook is to have one section on policies and one section on procedures.

- Policies are those regulations which the company follows in its dealings with the employee, such as performance appraisals, sick leave, pay periods, and benefits.

- Procedures are regulations which the employee is expected to follow in dealings with the company, such as a dress code, filing for expense reimbursement and giving notice prior to resignation.

Keep the handbook short. The longer it is, the less likely it is to be read. Make it loose leaf so that it will be easy to add new or overlooked items and change it as you get better ideas. It needs both a table of contents and an index so that items can be found easily.

QUESTION: Recently I under went open heart surgery with four bypasses. I'm able to work just as well as I ever did, but my doctor tells me that I must cut down on the hours I spend per day. Can you give me any ammunition to sell my boss on keeping me on under those conditions?

ANSWER: Think about how you would reorganize the work load to accomodate your physical condition if you were the boss. Make sure your division of the work is fair to all involved. You may have to give up some compensation in order to work fewer hours. When you have a workable plan, talk to your boss and make any suggestions - with alternatives - on how you think the situation can be handled. …

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