Bid Network Brings $83 Million in Federal Contracts to State Firms

Article excerpt

More than $83 million in federal government and private sector contracts have been let to Oklahoma firms through the help of the state's bid assistance network during its first 13 months of operation, it was reported Wednesday.

Between October 1986 and October 1987, the bid assistance network helped arrange 662 contracts totaling $83.85 million, with a base of 1,568 clients said the report by Roy Peters, executive director of the Oklahoma Department of Vocational-Technical Education, and Don Paulsen, executive director of the Oklahoma Department of Commerce.

The program includes 22 centers located throughout Oklahoma with coordination by the vo-tech department.

"From the start, we felt this program could provide an important service to Oklahoma business," said Peters. "Public acceptance and the dedication of the people involved in this effort have caused growth far beyond our original estimates."

The average contract amount during the 13-month period was $126,670, said the report. The greatest amount of the contracts awarded were from defense related federal agencies.

The highest monthly total of contract amounts was $27 million this October.

For the 13-month period of operation, the largest number of contracts arranged through any one assistance center was 199 at Francis Tuttle facility in Oklahoma City, totaling $12.6 million, the report said.

The largest dollar value of contracts through one center was $24.1 million for 73 contracts at the Indian Meridian center in Stillwater. …


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