Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Probate Proceedings

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Probate Proceedings

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PROBATE PROCEEDINGS Received 1-28-88 P-82-2364 - Est of Sadler; not of sale on 2-10-88 at 9 am, ord of sale, affi of mail.

P-87-1960 - Est of Helms; inv and appr.

P-88-143 - Cont of Sparks; temp restr ord (2), not of hrng on 2-9-88 at 9 am.

P-88-114 - Gdn of McKaughan; certif of mail.

P-88-143 - Con of Sparks; ord for inspection and reprod of records, affi of mail, ord for hrng.

P-88-142 - Est of Patterson; not of hrng on 2-3-88 at 1:30 pm, ord for hrng.

P-85-2471 - Est of Akers; affi of mail.

P-88-96 - Est of Welch; affi of mail.

P-87-672 - Est of Swain; certif of death.

P-85-1992 - Tunnell et al vs Vulcan Life Ins et al; JE.

P-85-790 - Gdn of Bonner; JE.

P-87-1802 - Est of Endicott; ord of sale.

P-88-140 - Est of Hufford; ord for hrng on 2-16-88 at 9 am, not of hrng, affi of mail, will.

P-86-1994 - Gdn of Rock et al; mot for term of gdnshp.

P-87-2103 - Est of Griffin; letters issue to Larry Griffin, bond, ord.

56946 - Gdn of Stevens; ord appt gdn, bond, letters issue to Bonnie Jarrett, oath of gdn.

P-87-1544 - Con of Green; dism w-o prej.

P-86-1890 - Est of Winston; waiver of serv of notice, pet to sell real prop, ord for sale.

P-88-141 - Gdn of Johnson; ord for hrng on 2-16-88 at 9 am, not of hrng.

P-72-207 - Gdn of Baucom; letters issue to Don Baucom, bond.

P-85-245 - Est of Ledbetter Jr; receipt (2), fin dischg.

P-87-1631 - Est of Hutton; rel OTC.

P-84-1788 - Est of Wahl; app for ord nunc pro tunc, ord nunc pro tunc.

29284 - Est of McKinstry; ann rept and acct of gdn, app.

P-87-2127 - Est of Shepherd; gen inv and appr.

P-86-1971 - Est of Lacy; fin acct.

P-86-1185 - Est of Costellow; fin acct.

P-87-2240 - Est of McAlister et al; not to credrs, ord admit will to probate, affi of mail, letters issue to Chas C Harper.

P-88-30 - In re Hopper; letters issue to Thomas J Hopper, ord for sum admn, app for sum admn, ord admit will to probate, ord appt apprs.

P-87-2193 - Est of Troutt; waiver.

P-86-771 - Est of Lemcke; ord allow fin acct.

P-86-1649 - Est of Vetoyanis; ord allow fin acct.

P-87-1061 - Est of Arterberry; ord to show cause, app to w-d as atty of rec.

P-87-86 - Est of Moore; app & ord nunc pro tunc.

P-84-1590 - Gdn of Page et al; affi of mail.

P-85-1934 - Est of Minick Sr; ord.

P-87-071 - Est of Ames; ord for hrng on 2-24-88 at 9 am, not of hrng, ann acct.

P-85-669 - Est of Searle; affi of mail, ord waiving filing of fin acct.

P-86-0054 - Est of Doak; ord for hrng on 2-12-88 at 9 am, not of hrng, ann rept and acct of co gdn, affi of mail.

P-88-128 - Gdn of Pearce; affi of mail.

P-86-1712 - Est of Ahrens; ord appt apprs.

P-88-137 - Est of Hoard et al; not of hrng on 2-16-88 at 9 am, affi of mail, ord for hrng.

P-88-2 - Est of Garthoeffner; not to credrs.

P-87-149 - Gdn of Robertson; app for dischg, fin rept and acct, affi of mail, not of hrng on 2-26-88 at 9 am, ord for hrng. …

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