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Corporation Commission

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Corporation Commission

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Cause CD No. 143,717

Before the Corporation Commission of the State of Oklahoma.

Applicant: JMC Exploration, Inc. Relief Requested: Increased well density. Legal Description: Section 33, Township 7 North, Range 18 East, Pittsburg County, Oklahoma.

STATE OF OKLAHOMA: To the following parties, if living; or, if deceased, then their unknown heirs, devisees, successors, trustees, administrators, executors, and/or assigns: James Allen Clark, Robert T. Priddy, Donald C. Slawson, Emma M. White, George V. and Emma E. Frazier, Robert G. Anderson, Commonwealth Royalties, Inc., Stephen J. Rulewicz, Robert A. Garbrecht, A.D. Downing Mears, Jr., Robert Mosbacher, Edward Thomas Creegan, H. Blanton Brown; And the following entities; or, if any of said entities are no longer in business or liquidated, etc., its unknown successors and assigns: Texaco, U.S.A., Petroleum, Inc., Canyon Oil and Gas Corporation, Garvey Properties, Inc., Garvey Industries, Inc, JaGEE Corporation, Mid-West Industries Corporation, Lincoln Industries, Inc., Shirley F. Garvey Revocable Trust, E.H., Inc., Carmudgeon Revocable Trust, Carco, Inc., DICO, Inc., Hurley Oil Properties, Partnership, The Home-Stake Oil & Gas Company, The Home-Stake Royalty Corporation, Arkoma Basin Exploration Company, Mobil Oil Corporation, Daniel-Price Exploration Co., Hughes Fuel Company, Arkla, all persons, owners, producers, operators, purchasers, and takers of oil and gas and all other interested persons, particularly in Pittsburg County, Oklahoma.

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that Applicant in this Cause is requesting that the Commission issue an order amending Order No. 60,355, consolidated into Order No. 65,886, granting Applicant the authority to drill an additional well in Section 33-7N-18E, Pittsburg County, Oklahoma, a 640-acre drilling and spacing unit, to test the Middle Atoka Sand common source of supply lying thereunder and if such well is productive of hydrocarbons in the Middle Atoka Sand common source of supply, that it be allowed to produce a full allowable, without penalty, or an allowable adjusted in accordance with Oklahoma Corporation Commission policies. …

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