Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Pleadings & Filings

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Pleadings & Filings

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SPECIAL Received 3-4-88 CS-87-7880 - Baptist Med Ctr of Ok Inc vs Pennington; amd ans of deft.

CS-88-176 - St of Ok ex rel vs Hunter et al; ans.

CS-88-268 - Ford Mtr Cred Co vs James E Tubbs; JE of judg - $3492.38.

CS-88-151 - same vs David H Burns; same $2528.64.

CS-88-545 - same vs Francisco Aguinaga et al; same $3262.60.

CS-88-424 - same vs Steven B Earwood; same $2637.12.

CS-88-279 - same vs Lonnie G Blackburn et al; same $4626.01.

CS-87-7746 - same vs James Lee Brazil III; same $1167.61.

CS-88-272 - same vs Fred B Schmidt; same $4000.47.

CS-88-225 - same vs Gloria M Leal; same $4123.98 (2).

CS-88-269 - same vs Terrence K Pipkins et al; agreed JE of judg & ct ord pymt plan $2624.30.

CS-87-6919 - Aetna Casualty & Surety Co vs Ok Home Concepts Inc et al; agreed JE of judg $9021.14.

CS-87-8268 - Mftrs Exchange vs Ok Auction Serv Inc; JE of judg - $4045.26.

CS-87-8239 - Forest Siding Supply Inc vs Ben Dugan dba Town & Country Siding; JE of judg - $2911.30.

CS-88-257 - Weokie Cred Union vs Sinks; ans.

CS-88-16 - United Siding Supply Inc vs Cool-Temp Awning Co Inc; JE of judg - $7834.10.

CS-88-727 - Ok Communications Sys Inc vs Fuller dba; ans.

CS-88-866 - Cred Adjust Co Inc vs Avila; ans.

CS-88-888 - no style indic; ans.

CS-88-881 - Bob Moore Cad Lsg Inc vs J&S Indl Scale Co et al; ans.

CS-85-3200 - SW Ford Inc vs Mobile Ofc Corp Inc; disml w-prej.

CS-87-6004 - Ford Mtr Cred Co vs Long; disml w-o prej.

CS-88-938 - same vs Rush; disml w-o prej.

CS-88-1038 - same vs January; disml w-o prej.

CS-87-8627 - same vs James; disml w-o prej.

CS-84-6643 - Jandebeur Cycle Co Inc vs Charles W Adams; rel & satis of judg $500. …

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