Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

New Locations

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

New Locations

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Filed 3-9-88


Compass Resources, Dowers 2A, 32-

24N-9W, SW/4 NE/4 SE/4, 1650fsl 1650fwl, Manning 6250, TD 6400, Date Oper. to Begin upon approval, Surf. Casing Depth 400.


Shotwell Unit 2-26, 26-11N-24W, NW/4 SE/4 NE/4, 1190fsl 1940fwl, Virgil 8970, Douglas 9420, TD 9500, El 2095, Date Oper. to Begin 3-10-88, Surf. Casing Depth 175.


Mobil Oil Corporation, West Cement Unit 7-30, 36-6N-10W, C NW/4 SE/4 SE/4, 990fsl 1650fwl, Garber 1635, TD 1750, El 1533, Date Oper. to Begin completed, Surf. Casing Depth 102.

French Petroleum Corporation, Paqueohawpith 1-20, 20-5N-11W, C NE/4 SE/4 SE/4, 990fsl 2310fwl, Viola 1800, Simpson 1860, Arbuckle 4200, TD 6000, El 1242, Date Oper. to Begin immediately, Surf. Casing Depth 570.


Cox Oil & Gas, Inc., Cox ``Y`` 1, 15-2S-2W, SW/4 SW/4 SE/4 Nw/4, 165fsl 1485fwl, Deese 1900, TD 2000, El 970, Date Oper. to Begin 3-15-88, Surf. Casing Depth 90.

Same, Cox ``Y`` 2, 15-2S-2W, SW/4 NE/4 NW/4 NW/4, 2145fsl 825fwl, Deese 1900, TD 2000, El 975, Date Oper. to Begin 3-20-88, Surf. Casing Depth 90.

L.S. Mullen, Gant Dunlap 5, 26-4S-

2W, W/2 NE/4 SE/4, 1980fsl 1815fwl, Hoxbar 2370, TD 2500, El 827, Date Oper. to Begin 2-29-88, Surf. Casing Depth 75.


Western Oil and Gas Development Corp., Burchfield I-35, 35-10N-7W, C SW/4, 1320fsl 1320fwl, Oswego 9700, Prue 9900, Skinner 10,200, Cherokee (Red Fork) 10,350, Mississippi Ls 11,200, Hunton 11,500, TD 11,600, El 1354.1, Date Oper. to Begin 4-1-88, Surf. Casing Depth 1000.


Enersource Royalty Corp., Bucktrot ``A`` 20-9N-10E, SE/4 SW/4 NE/4, 330fsl 990fwl, Booch 2450, Gilcrease 2750, Cromwell 3230, Jefferson 3370, Misener 3850, Hunton 3860, TD 4050, El 775, Date Oper. to Begin asap, Surf. Casing Depth 200.


GAW Oil Co., Inc., Hill D-3 #1, 15-18N-9W, C NE/4, 1320fsl 1320fwl, Open Manning 7734-7744, Open Chester 7436-7607, Open Inola 7347-

7356, Open Oswego 6992-7022, TD 9460, PBTD 7900, El 1183, Date Oper. to Begin 3-88, Surf. Casing Depth 1003.


ARCO Oil and Gas Co., Yourman 3, 15-5N-18E, S/2 N/2 SW/4, 1470fsl 1320fwl, Basal Atoka (Spiro) 8920, First Repeated Spiro 10,820, First Repeated Cromwell 11,485, TD 12,500, El 660, Date Oper. to Begin 3-7-88, Surf. Casing Depth 2500.


Carlin Oil and Gas Company, Basham 2-36, 36-8N-26E, C NW/4, 1320fsl 1320fwl, Hartshorne 1400, Upper Atoka 3500, Middle Atoka 5800, TD 6100, El 535, Date Oper. …

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