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Corporation Commission

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Corporation Commission

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Cause CD No. 143,745

Before the Corporation Commission of the State of Oklahoma.

Applicant: Patrick H. Clare d/b/a PHC Exploration. Relief Sought: Drilling and Spacing Units. Legal Description: the SW/4 of Section 22, Township 9 North, Range 4 East, Pottawatomie County, Oklahoma.

STATE OF OKLAHOMA TO: All persons, owners, producers, operators, purchasers and takers of oil and gas and all other interested persons, particularly in Pottawatomie County, Oklahoma, and more particularly W.G. Reynolds; Elson Oil Company, a Partnership; Mrs. Neva Gahring; R.E. Massengill; Pitts Hollis Holmes, Trustee for the Pitt Hollis Holmes Trust; Sarah Herndon Holmes Smith, Trustee for the Sarah Herndon Holmes Smith Trust; Leah Gray Holmes Lanham, Trustee for the Leah Gray Holmes Lanham Trust; C.P. Talbot; Sam J. Talbot, Executor of the Estate of C.P. Talbot; Archibald V. Simonson; Manuel Feldman and Sadie L. Feldman; R.H. Siegfried, Inc.; Frank M. Engle, Trustee of the Gladys H. Engle Trust; Francis E. Wilson; Mary Burke Hogan a/k/a Mrs. Robert J. Hogan; A. Lloyd Brown and Anna E. Brown; George J. Schmucker; Carl W. Sachs; Henry W. Peppler and Elizabeth C. Peppler; Wm. S. Bailey, Jr., Trustee for Wm. S. Bailey Jr. Revocable Trust dated 8-3-83; Louise Coleman Achilles; Elizabeth S. Hellweg and J.F. Hellweg; Vincent Hellweg; Hans Wirth; W. Orville Daisey; Antoinette C. Hayes, Executrix of Stephen A. Hays; Ada Kropp; Ludwig F. Holly and Luise M. Holly; Henry F. Leifheit; Martha E. Meeker and Anna M. Meeker; Alberta P. Doughty; Meta Wiele; Edward Sutton; Erwin P. Poore; J.M. Kalmar; Waldo C. Genung and Bertha Adele Genung; Matthew Snydam; Alfred C. Funk; Francis L. Ward and Alice B. Ward; John G. Howell; Susan Bross; Cook Royalties, a Limited Partnership; Laura L. Howe; Eva L. Brainard; Edward Peterson; Charles F. Skehan; Olive A. Jackson; Agnes W. Hart; Albert E.G. Campbell; Anna Bergner; Marie H. Chandler; Bertha J. Callahan; Catherine Hanlon; Anna M. Warner; Sherman W. McIlmoyl and Charlotte Merry McIlmoyl; Albert A. Bacci; Margaret L. Wendt; Charles W. Grupe and Anna B. Grupe; Sarah A. Dinant; James P. Campbell and Nellie A. Campbell; Kathleen A. Campbell and John Thomas Campbell; Estelle H. Louderback; Herman Behringer and Kate Behringer; Albert A. Brech; Marie B. Walter; Ellen F. Brech; Mayme R. Stevenson and Cora K. Stevenson; William E. Stevenson, Jr.; Charles V. Brennan; Pasquale A. Maccarone and Anne M. Maccarone; G. William Mitchell, Sr.; Daniel J. Tyrell; M. Josephine Bussell; Mildred M. Kreft; Elsie Marie Bowers; Don S. Bowers; R.S. Bowers and Doug Bowers, Co-Trustees of the Robert S. Bowers Family Trust; J. Clark Arrowsmith and Amy R. Arrowsmith; Mrs. Ida Laubach; Eunice Frances Sherwood; Nellie H. McFarland; Martha Lee Nisbett; B.F. Nisbett; Thomas Jefferson Nisbett; Thomas Jefferson Nisbett, Jr.; Mary Nisbett; Doris June Heinrichs; Richard Love; Sharon Dunlap; Nancy Carol Nisbett; Clane Nisbett Hoole; Charles E. Hoole; Banner Marie Hulse nee Hoole; Charles Richard Hoole; Beverly Lou Moody; The Security National Bank & Trust Company of Duncan, Oklahoma, Trustee under Last Will and Testament of Banner Nisbett Combs, deceased; Kevin Steede; Craig Steede; Rollins M. Koppel; Ann Stiernberg Stone; Edith E. Favell; Mildred Frances Chenoweth now Bryans; Kenneth D. Sibley, Trustee of the G.G. Greenhill Trust; Hurley Oil Properties, a partnership; M.E. Anderson; Melinda Investment Corporation; E.C. Housh; H.B. Housh, Jr.; Harris Trust Company of Arizona, Successor Trustee u/a/d 7/5/73; Harris Van Wagner; Rhoda Stone; Jack Mayo Stone; James William Stone; Wenona Stone; Sandy Stone Sterker; Robert Medbury Stone; Claude E. Carter; Dannie A. Carter; Jack Skaggs; Ruth T. Skaggs; Hatcher E. Scott; E. Keith Scott, Trustee of the Hatcher E. Scott Trust dated 2/26/76; Hatcher E. Scott and D. …

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