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MORTGAGES Received 3-16-88 26582 - Steven J Evans et ux to Affiliated Mtg Corp, $68,456, L32 B5 Whispering Creek II Addn.

26583 - Billy G Kennemer et ux to FirsTier Mtg Co, $46,600, L6 B10 Westborough Addn.

26584 - David F Huffman et ux to same, $57,800, L23 B5 The Trails South 4th Addn.

26585 - Randall G Collins et ux to Benjamin Franklin Svgs Assoc, $82,659, L1 B4 Westwood Estates Addn.

26630 - Alfreda N Sutton to Cool Temp Awning & Siding Co Inc, $4,595, pt B31 Schroeder's City Park Addn.

26631 - Linda F Crites to First Natl Bank of MWC, $10,075, L12 B1 Howard Acres 2nd Addn.

26639 - Stuart Kellogg et ux to Local Fed S&L Assoc, $86,400, L38 B7 Spring Hill Addn.

26640 - Jack W Richardson et ux to Friendly Bank of Okla City, $15,323, L33 B16 Almonte Addn.

26641 - Jerry W Rippetoe et ux to Guaranty B&T Co, $58,000, Unit 128 Hunter's Green Condos.

26642 - Dale C Dobbins et ux to Friendly Bank of Okla City, $16,981, L14 B19 Meadow Cliff Sec 3 Addn.

26643 - Robert C Thompson et ux to Transamerica Finl Svcs Inc, $32,667, L3 B21 Casady Hills 2nd Sec Addn.

26644 - Nona Belle Hervey to Meritor Credit Corp, $23,947, L11 B4 Cloverleaf Manor Addn.

26646 - Daniel V Olvera et ux to Security Pacific Finl Svcs, $5,024, L14 B1 Parkwoods Addn.

26647 - Alan Kay Adair to Guaranty B&T Co, $5,654, L32 B7 Western Village Sec 2 Addn.

26648 - Mario Steven Degiusti et ux to Guaranty B&T Co, $13,369, L2 B10 Hilldale Addn.

26744 - William B Cage to Panhandle Land & Exploration Co, $3,000, pt L33 & 34 B20 Stockyards Addn.

26833 - Roger L Hembree et ux to Guaranty B&T Co, $36,000, pt L10 Sunset Gardens Addn.

26862 - Carl W Summers Jr to First RepublicBank Dallas, $2,600,000, pt B31 Barrows 2nd Addn.

26863 - SHS Partnership to same, $2,600,000, pt B31 Barrows 2nd Addn.

26864 - Gaines M Casey et ux to Sears Mtg Corp, $10,235, L13 & 14 B2 Irene's Subdiv Addn.

26865 - Margaret K Peters to Roark Properties, $16,000, L3 & 4 B27 Corbin Park Addn.

26866 - Leonhardt Enterprises Inc to Liberty Natl B&T Co, $55,000, L6 B10 Windwood Estates Sec II Addn.

26867 - Same to same, $55,500, L15 B13 Windwood Estates Sec II Addn.

26868 - Same to same, $56,500, L4 B12 Wind Wood Estates Sec 2 Addn.

26869 - Same to same, $54,000, L20 B15 Westborough Addn. …


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